The safety net of the construction site is damaged, throwing waste at high altitude scares the neighborhood

Recently, Ms. Lu, who lives in Dashi lane, Hongqiao street, Xiaobei Road, reported that the workers at the construction site a few meters away often throw construction waste from the sky, and some stones fly into the lane, which makes the neighbors feel uneasy

the reporter came to Dashi lane, Hongqiao street. Dashi four lane is a lane about one meter wide. On one side is a residential building, and on the other side is the construction site reflected by Ms. Lu. At this time, there were no construction workers on the scaffold. The reporter saw that the ground of the construction site is about 2 meters higher than the lane, forming a wall, and the “wall head” is set with iron railings, to the inside is the scaffold and safety net of the construction site. Part of the safety net is damaged, part is missing, construction waste is exposed, and there are broken stones and cement blocks on the road surface of the lane. The neighborhood told reporters that the stones on the road in the alley “flew” from the construction site” 1 cleaned it in the morning, or there would be more. “

at the corner of the alley, a barrier more than one meter high is tied to the railings. Mr. Xiao and others in the neighborhood said that this is the place where construction workers throw construction waste. Pointing to a scaffold on the fourth floor of the construction site, he said that workers often throw waste directly downstairs from this position, and sometimes the one meter high baffle can’t stop the splashing stones. He described that a stone with a diameter of more than ten centimeters fell into the alley a few days ago, and children often played around the corner. A woman living nearby said that the construction site not only threatened the safety of the neighborhood, but also made the alleys dirty

the reporter saw that the signs of “construction ahead, detour” were pasted on the walls at both ends of the alley, but the neighbors didn’t like detour” Why let’s walk around instead of civilized construction and safety measures? “

when the reporter came to the Sales Office of the building where the construction site was located, a female staff member said that they had received complaints and had communicated with the street office, “putting up the sign of detour is what the street office asked us to do.”. When it comes to throwing construction waste at height, she says the company requires workers to transport it down” 1 will report to the company and let the workers pay attention. “

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