the safety rope broke and fell when the worker mended the external wall

Original title: the safety rope broke when the worker mended the external wall and fell to death

(reporter Sun Xiaotian intern Chen Mingyu) yesterday morning, a young maintenance worker was working high above the ground in the Second District of Rhine, Jindi Green Town, Hongshan District. His safety rope broke and unfortunately fell from high above and died on the spot

at noon yesterday, when a reporter from Wuhan Evening News arrived at building F1, the dead body had been taken away. According to Mr. Fu, who lives on the first floor, it happened at more than 9 a.m. when he heard a loud bang, he came out to check and found a young man lying between the grass and the Stone Road downstairs with ropes tied on his body. Later, other people came down from the upstairs. They knew that the man was a maintenance worker who was working on the waterproof of the external wall in the community. He fell from the upstairs during the construction

yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from Hongshan police that the man whose surname was Dan, 26 years old, from Chibi City, Hubei Province, died on the spot after the accident

according to the relevant person in charge of Hongshan District Safety Supervision Bureau, the external wall of the residential area was leaking. After the owner reported to the industry committee of the residential area, the industry committee signed a contract with a company for maintenance, and the company has construction qualification. At the time of the incident, the man was carrying out the waterproof reconstruction of the external wall of the residential building, and he was tied with a safety rope. When the man stepped on an iron frame of the external wall of the 10th floor for construction, the iron frame was loose, which led to the man’s body leaning back. After the safety rope was tightened, the bearing capacity was insufficient, and the fracture occurred. After the incident, the family members of the deceased rushed to discuss the compensation with the industry committee

it is a good thing for the industry committee to act for residents, but it should also be in accordance with the law. 1n this case, does the industry committee have the right to sign a contract with a third party company on behalf of the residents? Qiu Hua, a lawyer from Hubei Puming law firm, said: it is illegal for the owners’ committee to sign a contract with a third party company. The industry committee is not a legal subject and can not bear any legal responsibility. Without the authorization of the owners’ meeting, it has no right to sign a contract with a third party company. For example, according to the property law and property management regulations, the owners’ committee can only sign service contracts with property companies with the authorization of the owners’ meeting

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