the “safety rope” must be tied for “work at height”

The original title: “work at height” needs to fasten the “safety rope”

chat with a power grid worker who works at height and ask him: “when you climb such a high tower, you have to work on high-voltage wires. Don’t you feel dizzy?” “At the beginning, 1 was dizzy and scared, but my master taught me the experience of tying the rope, calming my mind, looking far away, and doing according to the master’s nine Character Classic. Gradually, 1 didn’t feel dizzy.”

the words of power grid workers have aroused the author’s thinking: Although the occupations of power grid workers and leading cadres are different, they have similarities, that is, they all work at height. Nowadays, Party members and leading cadres hold public power in their hands, which is the target of temptation, the target of “hunting” and the focus of supervision. Carefully pondering over the secrets of power grid workers can also be used for reference by leading cadres on how to “prevent corona at high altitude”

when power grid workers work at height, even the most skilled master must fasten the safety rope, which is the “safety rope” and “lifeline”. Under the spotlight of power, the key point for leading cadres to avoid dizziness is to fasten the “safety rope”. This “safety rope” is discipline and rules. 1f you want to know straightness, you must follow the principle; 1f you want to know the square, you must follow the rules. Leading cadres must consciously set up a sense of rules, often pick up the rules to measure their words and deeds, and pick up the “iron broom” of discipline to sweep the dust on their bodies. Judging from some cases of violation of rules and discipline, the problems of Party members and cadres all begin with the violation of discipline and the breach of the bottom line. Whoever leaves the “safety rope” of discipline and rules and “faints” and “floats” in front of the colorful temptation will not be far away from falling

every time before climbing the tower to work, the power grid workers have to close their eyes and calm down. 1t is the psychological adjustment for a short time that makes them abandon distractions and concentrate on their work” To apply “calm down” to leading cadres is to strengthen self-cultivation and self-discipline, and build a soul with good moral integrity. To be sure, it is indispensable to govern the party according to the rules, but discipline can’t cover the whole world, and it can’t cover every pore and blood vessel of power operation. Therefore, the authority of the system not only comes from the deterrent force of discipline violation, but also from the deep sense of identity of Party members and cadres. As a “key minority” of leading cadres, they should not only take the lead in abiding by the rules and disciplines, not breaking the “red line” and not crossing the “bottom line”, but also take the lead in honing their conduct and strengthening their moral cultivation. Especially at the critical moment of life, we should calm down and remind ourselves not to forget the original intention, so as to avoid the eternal hatred caused by a mistake

“looking far away” is the professional habit of power grid workers. As a result, they can not only effectively prevent dizziness, but also gain the mind and vision that ordinary people can’t appreciate. This is equally important for leaders in high positions. However, this is not the case. Although some leading cadres hold high positions, they have not improved their realm, have not broad vision, and are willing to compromise in pursuit and haggle over interests. 1n the long run, it will not only be difficult to get rid of the temptation of selfish desire, but also become a spiritual “dwarf”, and eventually inevitably fall into the mire of egoism. You can see and walk as far as you can see. Frogs at the bottom of the well will not be able to “see all the mountains at a glance”, and can not “see the mountains horizontally and form peaks on the side”. Only by looking up at the starry sky and aiming high, can we move forward towards the established goal of life and reap the double harvest of success in life and career without being perplexed by inducements and obstacles(Leqi)

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