the safety rope on the young air conditioner erector suddenly broke

at about 10:30 a.m. yesterday, uncle Tong of building 13, jialv Mingyuan, Xihu District, Hangzhou suddenly heard a “bang” from downstairs” At first, 1 thought it was the flowerpot falling from the upstairs, but it turned out to be an individual… “The one who fell from the high-rise building was a young air-conditioning fitter. He was lying on his back with a deformed external air-conditioning unit falling from the side

knowing that an air-conditioning fitter had fallen from the 16th floor, residents and property owners in the community immediately dialed 110 or 120 and sent him to Tongde hospital for treatment

at noon yesterday, the reporter saw at the scene that the police had sealed off the scene. Miss Wu from the opposite building witnessed the incident” At that time, the air conditioner worker was changing the external unit of the air conditioner for the owner. Later, 1 only heard ah… The air conditioner worker had fallen down from the 16th floor and lay still on the ground. ” Miss Wu said that although the man was wearing a safety rope, it was broken. The emergency doctor gave him cardiopulmonary resuscitation and soon carried him to the ambulance

the reporter learned from the hospital that the man who fell from the building was 30 years old. When he was sent to the hospital, he had no vital signs. The man’s head and body were seriously injured, and his body suffered multiple fractures. After half an hour of rescue, he still had no vital signs

the property staff said: “the air conditioner worker who died was invited by the owner. We went to the scene after the accident and found that the safety rope was broken.”< At present, the accident is still under further investigation

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