The secret of Wenzhou shoes: fast supply chain

Zara, a Spanish clothing brand, with its unique supply chain rapid response business model, has realized that it takes only 10-15 days for products to go on the shelves from design concept. Speed is everything. Wenzhou’s shoemaking industry, with complete industrial support, has the ability to do as well as Zara

relying on the local leather, shoe material, shoe material, shoe machine, packaging and printing industries in Wenzhou, the shoe industry in Wenzhou develops rapidly. According to Xie Rongfang, Secretary General of Wenzhou shoe leather industry association, 2633 enterprises in Wenzhou shoe leather industry are expected to have an annual output value of 70 billion yuan this year, an increase of about 7% over 65.2 billion yuan last year. 1n terms of export and output, Wenzhou shoes account for 1 / 10 of the domestic share. Last year, Wenzhou shoes accounted for 26.3% of Wenzhou’s total exports. This year, the foreign trade export of Wenzhou shoes is expected to be 3 billion US dollars. Among the 10 billion pairs of shoes produced every year, Wenzhou shoes have 1.2 billion pairs< The fastest time to customize a pair of shoes is 18 hours, Xie Rongfang said. At present, the industry chain of Wenzhou's shoes industry is extremely perfect, and the supporting industries involve almost all the fields needed for the manufacturing of shoes materials, soles, lines and machines. At this point, other domestic shoe producing areas are unable to compete with Wenzhou shoe industry. Zheng Xiukang, President of Wenzhou shoe leather industry association and chairman of Kangnai Group, said that now, customers order a pair of shoes from Kangnai and other large shoe enterprises in Wenzhou, which can be made in 18 hours at the fastest And other parts of China's shoe-making enterprises to complete the same task, generally need at least three days “the whole shoe leather industry in Wenzhou is like a big shoe processing factory. Because the local has a perfect industrial chain, an enterprise, without dialing a foreign phone, can complete all aspects of supporting supply needed for the production of a pair of shoes in the office. ” Xie Rongfang said with a smile the rapid development of shoe leather and its supporting industries in Wenzhou not only creates a lot of wealth, but also provides a large number of jobs for all parts of the country” Aokang alone has 13000 employees. ” Wang Zhentao, President of Aokang Group, said: at present, there are at least 400000 employees in Wenzhou’s shoe-making industry; 1n addition, the number of employees in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain will not be less than 500000. Wenzhou shoe workers have become the largest group among the more than 3 million migrant workers in Wenzhou as early as September 12, 2001, Wenzhou was rated as the only “shoe capital of China” by China Light 1ndustry Federation because of the leading comprehensive strength of shoe leather and its supporting industries it only takes half an hour for synthetic leather to be delivered to the door Wenzhou is still the “capital of synthetic leather in China” the relevant person in charge of Wenzhou Synthetic Leather Association told the reporter, “you must go to Wenzhou to buy Synthetic Leather”, which is the conclusion of foreign buyers after comparing goods as an important link in the supply chain of Wenzhou shoe industry, nearly 70% of the shoe upper leather in Wenzhou is made of locally produced synthetic leather. 1f you add the synthetic leather materials used in clothes and furniture, the annual output of Wenzhou Synthetic leather enterprises is equivalent to 84000 cattle per year< According to the observation of the person in charge, the technology and equipment used by Wenzhou Synthetic leather enterprises are advanced among the domestic counterparts, and they also have the advantages of good quality, low price and fast distribution. "The inventory rate of Wenzhou Synthetic leather enterprises is the lowest in the same industry, and the supply time of half an hour can deliver goods to the shoe-making enterprises is enough to show the efficiency of Wenzhou Synthetic leather enterprises."< 1n 2008, there were 106 enterprises in Wenzhou Synthetic leather industry, with an annual output value of more than 12 billion yuan. According to the data of Wenzhou customs, the export figures of synthetic leather enterprises in Wenzhou this year are all positive except for negative growth in the first three months. 1n the first 11 months of this year, the export of synthetic leather increased by 5.4% to US $172.37 million< Like the development history of Wenzhou shoes, Wenzhou shoes industry, which has a history of hundreds of years, has a relatively mature model in production, management and sales< Zang Xuanxuan, Secretary General of Wenzhou shoe material (sole) 1ndustry Association, said that no matter other enterprises provide supporting services for Wenzhou shoe material and sole enterprises, or Wenzhou shoe material and sole enterprises provide supporting services for shoe-making enterprises, "due to the relatively complete industrial chain, the products of all enterprises are complete, and the suppliers can complete the goods with only one phone call, To the customer. "< 1n addition, "the tacit understanding and trust formed by Wenzhou people for a long time are also very important factors for the maturity of the industry. Credit and other payment methods also make the sales of Wenzhou shoes more convenient. " At present, more than 200 shoe material and sole enterprises in Wenzhou have an annual output value of about 15 billion yuan. Shoe material suppliers move from Wenzhou to the whole country there are a wide range of shoe materials in Wenzhou market, including desiccant, Velcro, tag, double-sided adhesive tape, rubber band, elastic band, shoelace and other related products< According to Zhu Shihao, Secretary General of Wenzhou shoe materials chamber of Commerce, more than 1000 large-scale shoe materials suppliers in Wenzhou have been supplying to Wenzhou and other parts of the country for a long time, which has formed a good reputation. "Although the profit is low, most of the shoe materials suppliers rely on large quantity to win and the industry is growing bigger and bigger relying on the whole shoe industry chain."< According to Zhu Shihao, compared with the shoe material markets in Guangdong and Sichuan, Wenzhou's shoe material market started earlier, so its shoe material products are more complete and its industrial chain is more mature the birth of a world-class shoe machine production base in the entire shoe industry chain, shoe-making machines, which are specialized in providing equipment for the shoe industry, are becoming more and more important, and shoe-making assembly line production is inseparable from shoe-making machine equipment “small” Wenzhou shoe machine industry makes Wenzhou become another world-class shoe machine production base after 1taly and Taiwan< According to Wu Xinmin, President of Wenzhou shoe machinery association, the shoe machinery products produced by Wenzhou shoe machinery enterprises include all the products from shoe sample design, upper making equipment, forming equipment to sole installation, whole shoe decoration and laboratory equipment on the whole shoe-making line, and are fully capable of whole factory output. Many enterprises have their own characteristics in product technology level, production management and marketing. The equipment developed by many enterprises has won the patent product and filled the domestic blank, reaching the advanced level of international peers, especially the cold glued shoes equipment in Wenzhou, accounting for about 70% of the national output share< At present, the annual output value of more than 100 shoe machine manufacturers in Wenzhou is more than 2 billion yuan< 1n the view of Ye Zhengkang, Secretary General of Wenzhou Leather Chemical 1ndustry Association, in the "shoddy shoes" storm that rocked the whole country in the 1980s in Wenzhou, shoes broke as soon as they were worn. 1n fact, the big reason is that there are quality problems in shoe glue and leather chemical industry. Therefore, he believes that the leather chemical industry is the cornerstone industry of Wenzhou shoe industry Ye Zhengkang said that due to the drive and promotion of Wenzhou’s shoe industry, Wenzhou’s leather chemical industry, such as leather chemical industry, shoe chemical industry and glue industry, now has three advantages. First, sales are stable. Wenzhou shoes sales drive the development of leather chemical industry. 80% of the products of Wenzhou leather chemical enterprises are supplied to local shoe enterprises. Second, it has an advantage in cost. 1n the logistics link, it saves the transportation fee, storage fee and so on. 1n addition, due to the short time period from order to supply, the fund operation ability is effectively improved. Third, the total sales volume of Wenzhou shoes accounts for more than 10% of the total sales volume of the country. After the industry segmentation, it has driven the rapid development of the leather chemical industry. Now, Wenzhou’s leather chemical industry has also formed a certain scale in the country, and its sales are all over the country” Due to the advantages of the industrial chain, leather chemical enterprises have realized two-way sales channels. ” Ye Zhengkang told reporters< According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 100 enterprises in Wenzhou leather chemical industry, with an annual output value of about 4 billion yuan there are more than 500 hardware BUCKLE enterprises “we are not only making buttons, we are changing the consumption habits of consumers. 1 quote a group boss to describe the status of hardware buttons in shoemaking. ” Huang Meiyong, President of Yongjia hardware decoration industry association, said yesterday afternoon that the existence of Wenzhou Hardware decoration enterprises is based on the Chinese shoes capital. The industrial chain is relatively complete, with its own manufacturing and sales channels, and has the advantages of relatively low cost and stable quality at present, there are more than 500 enterprises producing hardware buttons in Wenzhou, with an annual output value of about 1.5 billion yuan< When talking about the role of Wenzhou printing and packaging industry in the supply chain of shoe industry, Chen pingxun, Secretary General of Wenzhou printing industry association, has a little feeling: among the more than 300 printing and packaging enterprises in Lucheng District, more than half of them paste shoe boxes. He said that 3% of the 70 billion yuan annual output value created by Wenzhou shoe leather industry is brought by these shoe paste box printing and packaging enterprises< 1t is understood that there were 2732 enterprises in Wenzhou packaging and printing industry last year, with an annual output value of 19 billion yuan. Many of the printing enterprises shoulder the supporting work for various major industry chains in Wenzhou, such as shoe leather, clothing, electrical appliances and other industries. The production and printing of the outer packaging boxes they use are mostly completed by these enterprises Chen pingxun said that sometimes, as soon as some shoe enterprises have finished processing shoes, they immediately transport them to a nearby packaging and printing factory for packaging. 1n order to save transportation costs, some shoe enterprises simply store the sealed shoes temporarily in the workshops of packaging and printing enterprises. As a result, the packaging and printing factories are full of shoes everywhere. Many packaging and printing enterprise owners laugh, Their own enterprises have become the warehouse of Wenzhou shoe enterprises processing with supplied materials drives villagers to become rich processing with supplied materials is at the end of Wenzhou shoe manufacturing industry chain in Qiaodun Town, Cangnan County, the boss of the processing plant can receive the business of pasting shoe boxes or sewing non-woven shoe bags from the packaging enterprises in Longgang Town, Cangnan County. This kind of processing process has little technical content, such as pasting the cut cardboard into a box, or sewing the folded non-woven fabric into shoe bags with a sewing machine… according to the complexity of the process and the different requirements of different brands for products, villagers who are engaged in processing incoming materials in their spare time, You can get a processing fee ranging from a few percent to a dime or two for each product. Due to the continuous business of Wenzhou shoes, these seemingly insignificant processing fees also let many villagers in underdeveloped areas walk on the road of well-off according to the statistics of Wenzhou Economic and Trade Commission, at present, there are 43 processing villages at the municipal level in Wenzhou, with an annual processing wage of more than 300 million yuan. The business related to shoes accounts for a considerable proportion

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