the self-made protective clothing stabs the horse’s honeycomb and is stung to shock

Two days ago, Lao MA (not his real name), a villager in Yanwan village, Liushi street, Dongyang City, was rushed to the hospital by his family overnight. That night, the old horse was stung by a wasp, and the cause of the matter was the “wasp wine” he had been planning for a long time

waiting for the hornet to “grow up” to start

the equipment is so dense that it is stung

the old horse is in his early 50s this year and makes a living by doing odd jobs. A month ago, he found a wasp nest at the head of the village. He had an idea in his heart. He had heard that wasps can make wine, and there are pupae in the nest. This time, he had a chance to taste it

the size of a wasp’s nest is the size of a lotus seed, hanging on a pine tree, 5 meters above the ground. The wasp’s nest is still too small. 1’m afraid the harvest is not big. Ma decided to take a long line to catch big fish and wait for the wasp to grow up. 1n the next month, Lao Ma went to the village to “visit” honeycomb from time to time

as the hornet’s nest gets bigger and bigger, the old horse is going to do it. The hornet’s fierce, the old horse in mind, in order to protect himself from injury, he made a set of “protective clothing”. The head is the key point of protection. 1 use my family’s electric car helmet, wear a scarf around my neck, wear a down jacket, wear two layers of trousers, and finally wear gloves

wasps rest in their nests at night, and their combat effectiveness is the weakest. According to this habit, the old horse set the time for picking beehives at night. At 19 o’clock on October 23, it was dark. Holding a flashlight, the old horse was nervous and excited. He covers the honeycomb with a net pocket and poundes it with a bamboo pole in his other hand. This process in the old horse heart drill countless times, but still an accident – he accidentally poked to the center of the honeycomb, wasps swarmed out

the old horse was surprised, and then he quickly calmed down. There was no loophole in the suit, and the wasp could not sting himself. All of a sudden, he felt like he was pricked by a needle. Bad, only a pair of release shoes, wearing thin socks, ankle exposed outside

after a while, the horse felt chest tightness, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Taking advantage of his sober mind, he hurried home and sent his family to the emergency department of Dongyang people’s hospital

when the wasp pours out, it can be fatal

the toxin spreads faster than the snake venom

“when he first comes here, his feet are swollen, his skin is red, his blood pressure is very low, and he has obvious symptoms of anaphylactic shock.” Doctor Chen Xinxin said

the doctor told the reporter that the wasps are active frequently from May to October, and enter hibernation at the end of December. 1n recent years, the level of urban greening has improved, wasps tend to migrate to cities, and the frequency of injury is also very high. The sting of wasp can release the venom containing nerve stimulating or blood stimulating toxin. The wasp that pours out to attack people is lethal, and the toxin spreads faster than snake venom

under the treatment of doctors, the condition of the old horse has been effectively controlled. The old horse wakes up and still thinks about bee wine. 1n this regard, the doctor said, wasp body contains poison, drink wasp brewing wine easily allergic, try not to drink

doctors remind you that if you are attacked by a bee colony, you can wrap your head and neck with clothes, and then run in the opposite direction, or lie down and wait for the bee colony to disperse. 1f you are stung, you should apply anti allergic drugs such as piyanping to the stung area at the first time, or wash the wound with soapy water, salt water, vinegar, etc., and mash garlic or ginger to apply the juice to the stung area, which will also reduce the toxicity. 1f the stung is serious, you should go to the hospital immediately

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