The smell of paint wafts into the office building, and employees wear gas masks

The day before yesterday, there was a pungent smell in the office building of Hongcheng square in Kunming. The employees in the building had to wear masks and gas masks to work. The culprit was the paint used in the construction of the three-dimensional intelligent garage of Hongcheng square separated by a wall. At present, the garage construction party has been ordered to stop construction by Hongcheng Plaza Management Office, and the above problems have been rectified

the fan is still dispersing the peculiar smell

yesterday, the air on the 10th floor of Hongcheng square, where the peculiar smell is the most serious, was much better than that of a few days ago. The staff in the building said: “the situation has been much better since yesterday afternoon. Today, most of my colleagues do not wear masks any more, and only a few of them with weak constitution still wear masks.” Because the air circulation is slow, the two fans in the company on the 10th floor are still running, in order to send out the smell as soon as possible

around 1:00 noon, a person in charge of the garage construction company came to check the odor emission. According to him, workers had been repairing and maintaining the steel structure of the three-dimensional parking garage in Hongcheng square, and used antirust paint. The peculiar smell generated by the paint diffused into the office building through the vent. At present, the construction site has been shut down, and the construction party has blocked the gap between the garage and the office building, so as to block the odor diffused into the office building as much as possible

Cai Hong, manager of the Property Department of Hongcheng Plaza Management Office of Kunming Hongfeng Property Management Co., Ltd., said that the construction company has been ordered to stop work for rectification. At present, no report has been received that the employees are unable to attend work due to physical discomfort caused by inhaling pungent odor< According to Tian Yingchun, deputy chief physician of respiratory department of Honghui hospital, benzene, formaldehyde and aromatic hydrocarbons contained in paint can cause damage to human respiratory tract and lungs, causing cough, chest tightness, asthma, dizziness, fever and other symptoms, even inducing asthma in severe cases if inhaled for a long time, it will affect the human blood and circulatory system, affect the hematopoietic function of bone marrow and human immunity, lead to respiratory and nervous system lesions, and even induce lung cancer Tian Yingchun said that once such a situation occurs in a closed space, the indoor ventilation should be improved as soon as possible, or leave the polluted environment to breathe fresh air outdoors, strengthen the blood circulation and breathing volume through appropriate exercise, and discharge the harmful gas inhaled as far as possible through metabolism. 1f the situation is more serious, it should be timely treated according to the symptoms tips office workers pay attention to breathing 1 for the air pollution in office buildings, most people can improve their physical condition and increase their resistance through diet conditioning 2 to regulate respiratory tract health by eating more lotus root, pear and Lily, and drink more green tea 3 put green plants in the office to resist the radiation of computers 4 windows should be opened in offices where windows can be opened to dilute harmful gases. White collar workers should take advantage of their break time to go out for a walk 5 dust removal equipment should be installed in the room with more copiers and heavy workload to reduce dust copyright notice: This article is reproduced by 1nternet media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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