the solution to handle hardening of nylon ribbon

There are various problems in the production of ribbon. There are many common problems of ribbon, such as color difference, color fading, color blooming, specification discrepancy, dirt, hardness discrepancy, yarn skipping, two-sided color and so on. The problems of hardness and softness are relatively rare. Generally, customers seldom require the handle of ribbon. 1n Yongheng ribbon workshop, the requirements of hardness and softness are generally 0.32mm thick body edge banding and 0.45mm extra hard edge banding, unless customers have special requirements, Generally, the thickness of the product is according to the normal specification. This time, 1’d like to talk about the solution to the problem of nylon webbing’s hard handle:

nylon webbing has a certain stress on the handle, so how can we do it? There are two ways to make the handle of nylon ribbon hard:

1. Adjust the weft density a little, it will be harder, but the production will be reduced

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