The solution to the air leakage of self rescuer

Life experience tells us that self rescuer, air respirator, oxygen respirator and other breathing apparatus are respiratory protective equipment that can protect human respiratory system from the threat of external toxic and harmful gases

once the breathing apparatus can not normally supply the human body with enough oxygen content in the air, it will cause a variety of hypoxia diseases. Today, we are going to analyze the repair and maintenance of the self rescuer. Before repair, there should be a repair room of about 10m2. The indoor air should be dry, and the absolute humidity should be below 10g / m3, that is, the room temperature should be 20 ℃, and the relative humidity should be 55%. The repair steps of the self rescuer are as follows:

first, remove the protective cover of the self rescuer to be repaired, turn on the red wrench, pull off the seal strip, remove the front and rear sealing belts and belt rings, open the upper and lower shells of the self rescuer, take out the old rubber ring in the sealing groove of the upper shell, replace the rubber ring again, and coat a thin layer of silicone grease on the new rubber ring, To prevent rubber aging

cover the upper shell on the lower shell, install the belt ring and the front and rear sealing strips, replace them with new sealing strips (originally purchased by the manufacturer), buckle the front and rear sealing strips, and then check the air tightness of the self rescuer. 1f there is no air leakage, it is repaired, and then solder or spot weld the sealing strips

it is required to repair air leakage self rescuer quickly, and each self rescuer shall be repaired for no more than 5 minutes, so as to prevent the drugs in the self rescuer from being affected with moisture and failure

after repair, the self rescuer should go through the weight increase inspection again. The self rescuer whose weight increase is less than 10g is qualified, and the self rescuer whose weight increase is more than 10g will be scrapped

the repairman must carry out the repair and maintenance of the instrument in accordance with the operating procedures, and send the instrument to the group company for calibration on time. Otherwise, the instrument will fail, which may lead to gas accidents and other “one ventilation and three prevention” accidents, and eventually lead to the failure of the self rescuer

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