The special gloves donated by East Asia Group have been put into use in Tianjin

it rained for the first time in Tianjin after the “8.12” explosion yesterday morning. After the rain stopped, the officers and soldiers of a certain armed police unit entered the residential area nearest to the core area after the rain for full body protection. They carried a variety of gas detectors, chemical accident emergency detection boxes and other detection equipment to detect the air and water in the community

the hand protective gloves worn by these anti chemical officers and soldiers are realtuff 880 gloves produced by East Asia Group

on August 12, an explosion occurred in Tanggu Development Zone of Tianjin Binhai New Area. After the disaster, East Asia company urgently adjusted 4800 pairs of gloves from dealers and transported them to the explosion stricken area of Tianjin. The oil resistant gloves, antiskid gloves, special function gloves and the only domestic PVC flocking gloves developed by East Asia company can provide comprehensive hand protection

on the morning of August 17, these gloves were delivered to Tianjin Binhai New Area Charity Association and put into use on the same day

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