The specific professional field is the pioneer market of wearable devices

This paper analyzes the industry prospect of many wearable devices that appeared in the 2014 CES exhibition in Las Vegas recently. The article believes that wearable devices will be the first to be used in surgeons, police, wire repairmen and other professional and technical occupations

the article cites Forrester Research’s technical analyst gundell’s view that the workplace is the real place for wearable devices. There are three reasons:

wearable devices for work can make people better complete their jobs

take the eye on smart glasses developed by Epson and a medical institution as an example, which is based on Android system and designed for medical staff. With it, users can see clear real-time venous images through the patient’s skin, which is convenient for intravenous injection or blood drawing

in addition to the cutting-edge medical field, wearable devices can also help cable installers finish their work more quickly. Usually, if a skilled worker fails to find out the problem at the scene, he may have to run a second time. With the head mounted camera, he doesn’t have to toss back and forth, and directly transmits the influence to his colleagues in real time, so as to work together to solve the problem

the two wearable devices mentioned above are not ordinary consumer products, but work devices used in special fields

wearable devices for work are highly professional

Apple’s most gifted move is to create the app store platform. Since then, functional phones have been replaced by smart phones. People can develop various applications on 1OS system to realize various functions, from email to social network, from reimbursement to barcode scanning. Then, people began to think about whether this model can be applied to wearable devices, and Google glasses may be inspired by this. Google glasses is essentially a smart phone in the shape of glasses that can run a variety of applications

but this is not the normal situation in the wearable device industry. Wearable devices should conform to the long tail theory and meet the special needs. The market of smart phones is single, and wearable devices should be customized to meet the needs of different markets. 1n other words, a device accomplishes a task

for example, after the acquisition of the smartphone business by Google, Motorola has developed a wearable device for law enforcement personnel and emergency personnel, which can monitor the wearer’s vital data such as pulse, breath, temperature, blood pressure and so on in real time. 1n addition, some devices are equipped with chemical sensors, while others are equipped with gun lock sensors, which can remind the wearer when the gun safety is turned on. These special equipment are too professional for all-around smart phones and even Google glasses

wearable devices for work do not need to pay too much attention to appearance

in the ordinary consumer market, wearable devices are faced with the problem of “whether they look good or not”. But in the workplace, it’s no longer a problem, because equipment is part of the job. For example, if you work in a fast food restaurant, whether you like it or not, you have to wear the appropriate work clothes, because that’s part of your job. For example, surgeons can’t choose the color of the scalpel

in the workplace, practicality comes first, and all useless things will not be taken seriously. Wearing a pair of slightly eccentric glasses is no different from wearing a helmet or welding mask. The purpose is to complete the work

now wearable devices are facing some resistance just because people can’t accept this concept. 1f people need to wear it every day for work, they will soon get used to it

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