The State Administration of work safety launched the column “safe China”

1n order to better promote the publicity and education of work safety, the State Administration of work safety and xinhuanet.com jointly launched the column “safety China” on November 11, which is dedicated to spreading advanced safety culture, promoting safety technology innovation and promoting the development of safety industry

according to the introduction, the “safe China” column will regularly invite spokesmen of the State Administration of work safety, provincial and municipal safety supervision bureaus and leading figures of various industries to visit the Xinhua interview room to build an authoritative information release platform for work safety

Xu Shaochuan, deputy director of the State Administration of work safety, said at the launching ceremony on the same day that “safety China” should take the initiative to publicize work safety policies, laws and regulations, system standards and major decisions in a timely manner, strive to improve the safety quality of the whole people, and timely release authoritative information such as investigation and handling of major accidents. At the same time, we should strengthen propaganda planning, conform to the development trend of new media, and build a three-dimensional propaganda network of work safety

Tian Shubin, President of Xinhuanet, said at the launching ceremony that due to the diversification of communication media and information demands, it is more difficult to spread the concept of security development. Therefore, on the one hand, it is necessary to carry forward the positive energy and spread the national work safety policies; On the one hand, we should give full play to the guiding role of public opinion in major accidents. With the help of new media, we should strive for “authoritative voice and cordial expression”

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