The stone lion cloth market is booming during the festival

“during the National Day holiday, the cloth shop’s business is good. Every day, there are many customers who come to see samples and place orders.” Although it is the National Day holiday, but the cloth shop, accessories shop in the festival is still open to do business, and business is booming

“the cloth shop in the festival has a good business. By 5 pm today, six of our porters have unloaded 4 containers of cloth.”. Yesterday afternoon, Anhui native Porter Liu Ping told reporters. 1n the Xielong building on yuanyangchi East Road, the reporter saw that several cloth shops along the street were busy, and four large container trucks transporting grey cloth from Jiangsu and other places were parked on the front road of one cloth shop. According to Mr. Chen, a driver who is about to deliver goods to Zhejiang Province, during the national day, some garment factories are in the rush period, so that the business of cloth shops will not be slower than usual. 1n the morning of that day, he has sent cloth to several garment factories in Xiangjiang Road and pengtian respectively

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