The story of “hard hat” rippled with breeze

The field of labor protection, which has always been difficult to touch with social hot spots, is rippled by a video of a safety helmet

warm responses from the 1nternet and we media are like a spring breeze rippling the safety helmet for a long time, so that there is a period of excitement in the national mainstream media

in fact, people in the industry know that most of the occasional phenomena have their inevitability, but because of the favorable time and location, this ripple makes the viewers more interested

worker: exposure fragile helmet

“fragile helmet”, this word does not match

on April 11 this year, a video appeared on the 1nternet: at a construction site, a migrant worker held a safety helmet of different colors in both hands, and said, “this (yellow) is the safety helmet worn by workers, and this (red) is the safety helmet worn by leaders. Let’s see the quality of them. “

then, the worker took the helmet and collided with each other. With a bang, the yellow helmet cracked, and then hit, and debris fell off, while the red helmet remained the same. The migrant workers holding a broken helmet angrily asked: “can this helmet ensure safety?”

– the number of hits of the video soon exceeded 2 million. The worker, who exposed his fragile safety helmet, has also received a lot of attention from social media

the impact of the ripples with a bit of beauty, let the audience watch with relish

public opinion: the government media converged into a stream

the earliest official response was –

the official microblog of the state emergency management department, which forwarded the video on April 17 and said: “if even the safety helmet of workers is not safe, how can we achieve safe production?”

at the same time, the microblog also lists the quality standard of “safety helmet” and “Specification for selection of head protection safety helmet”, which shows the professionalism of the management department< On April 20, six safety helmet manufacturers jointly issued an initiative to the society: "stop any substandard and unqualified products from entering the market, create a fair, just and open industry competition environment, and make fake and shoddy products nowhere to hide." This statement is very impressive. 1t is reported that these safety helmet manufacturers are among the top in the industry. All over the labor protection website, heard the "initiative", have followed up, statement, forward, many comments on April 26, Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development issued a notice: from the same day to the end of May, a general inspection on the use of safety helmets will be carried out at the construction sites of the whole city. The next day, the Beijing News published a full page report on A12. The editor of the newspaper obviously studied the content of the notice, especially highlighted one of the key requirements in the report, and used it as the headline of the column from mid April to mid May, CCTV has launched vivid video reports on fragile safety helmets from different angles and sides in programs such as Oriental time and space, news 1 plus 1 and focus on agriculture, rural areas and farmers among them, in the special topic “who will guarantee the safety of safety helmet” broadcast on Channel 7, the host connected Liu Tiemin, a well-known safety production expert and researcher of China Academy of work safety. He expressed his views on some prominent problems in labor protection, such as safety helmets, or accumulated problems. 1t is reported that the filmmakers also came to Beijing Huiyuan company, which produces safety helmets, to collect information about the quality, price and market sales of safety helmets that are rarely known by the society< 1n the official account of labor protection in early July, the influential labor protection magazine in br/>
issued a signed article entitled “small safety helmet, big safety problem”. Br / >
in a short period of three months, the reports on safety helmets started from one point and then came together. Moreover, this “stream of public opinion” also seems to give birth to the marginal effect of secondary manifestation. There are senior people in the industry exclaim: this, in the past is unimaginable

on July 12, the circle of friends of the labor insurance workers was brushed by a piece of news: the general office of the State Administration of market supervision, the general office of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the general office of the emergency management department jointly issued the notice on Further Strengthening the supervision and management of special labor protection articles such as safety helmets

it is rare that the general offices of three national departments jointly issue documents for the supervision of safety helmets and special labor protection articles

there is no doubt that safety helmets and other special labor protection articles can get such “generous” treatment, which can leave a big scratch in the history of safe production and care and respect for workers in China

for the exposure and demands of workers, there is a bright spot in the requirements of Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development for enterprises involving safety helmets –

safety helmet Management: unified as the general contractor

the relevant text is as follows: “from June 1, 2019, The purchase, acceptance, distribution, use, replacement and scrapping of safety helmets of the construction units of housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects in this Municipality (including the general construction contractor, professional sub contractor and labor sub contractor) shall be in the charge of the general construction contractor. “

it is obvious that “the general contractor is responsible for the purchase of safety helmets” in the past

this requirement of Beijing housing and Urban Rural Development Commission can be said to grasp the key points of important links, and take a substantial step forward to solve the problems of purchasing and equipping safety helmets and other labor protection articles. The headline of the above-mentioned “Beijing News” column is: “the safety helmet will be in the charge of the general construction contractor from June.”

in the field of safety production and occupational health, some “why” or other “persistent problems” concerning labor protection of construction enterprises may be solved gradually through this rigid regulation

in fact, this article is not only applicable to construction enterprises, many enterprises also have similar commonalities. Of course, to fulfill this requirement, the general contractor needs to establish a feasible supporting system and properly solve the source of funds for purchasing qualified safety helmets after “unified responsibility”. 1t is not enough to rely on such a notice to solve the system defects formed by layer upon layer subcontracting, to erase the obvious differences in the quality of safety helmets on construction sites, and the inequality in labor protection treatment between migrant workers and personnel in the system

it is gratifying that the government departments responsible for supervision have begun to touch this difficult point

the papers issued by the three national departments are undoubtedly the best response of senior managers to the “fragile safety helmet”, and will certainly become a powerful impetus for the gradual standardization of safety helmet and special labor protection articles in all aspects of use; At the same time, it will also have a certain deterrent and binding force on enterprises in various industries, including contractors at all levels

at this point of writing, the author suddenly feels that “breeze ripples” is not enough to record the safety helmet incident. Because the story goes on

some labor protection professionals have expressed such a vision –

under the attention and detailed supervision of government departments, the joint efforts of enterprises in various industries and relevant labor protection associations, and the continuous awakening and enhancement of workers’ awareness of individual protection, China’s labor protection work will be in a certain period of time in the future, Won’t there be a landscape of “waves on the shore, rolling up thousands of piles of snow”(Author: Feng Huaihe)

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