The theme of online activities worth learning from

Anniversary, graduation season, job hunting season, not lonely at the end of the season… How can these commonly used e-commerce promotion themes be skillfully used in order to stand out

e-commerce always needs a reason to engage in online activities. What kind of reason doesn’t sound so old-fashioned and what kind of theme is fun? This article reviews 17 common reasons in activities to see how many you have used< 1t's said that e-commerce without anniversary celebration has no future. Later, half a year celebration activities have been developed. Unless narcissism reaches a certain level, it's hard for ordinary people to accept... The earliest promotion of anniversary celebration comes from shopping malls. 1t's a "rare opportunity" to take a car or choose a customer with the highest consumption on that day to give a big gift, 1t's also very cost-effective to give super high amount of reward, and the consumption during the activity increases exponentially. But it's really best to do it once a year

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