The trade union of GAC Changfeng Yongzhou branch held democratic talks with employees on the distribution of labor protection articles

“labor protection appliances must meet the work needs of employees, but they can’t engage in disguised welfare.” On October 11, the trade union of GAC Changfeng Yongzhou branch held a democratic talk on the theme of labor protection articles, listening to and sincerely resolving doubts for the majority of employees. More than 60 leaders of the company, leaders in charge of various workshops (departments), Party branch secretaries, trade union presidents and some employee representatives attended the forum

in the first half of the year, the company implemented the annual work plan according to the overall planning of the headquarters, strengthened the management of the branch company, and achieved gratifying results. However, the management of the company has always been aware that there is still a certain gap between the company and “harmonious enterprise” and “enterprise that employees continuously expect to exist”. The purpose of this democratic talk meeting is to establish a good communication and consultation mechanism, so as to understand the voice of employees, smooth their demands, strengthen humanistic care, and build a harmonious labor relationship, Promote the effective implementation of the company’s work and system

“will the company issue an additional set of summer work clothes for employees?”” Can the specifications of protective glasses be ordered according to the actual needs of employees? “” Can the purchasing department more strictly control the quality of labor protection products At the forum, the trade union leaders and staff representatives of each workshop had a dialogue with the leaders of the company to discuss the main issues including the newly revised implementation standards and management methods of labor protection articles. Whether it’s sharp questions or gentle suggestions, company leaders and department leaders smile and answer carefully. 1n smooth and sincere communication, the meeting rhythm is compact and efficient. Some problems were quickly solved on the spot. For some problems that really need further discussion and demonstration or need to be reflected to the higher authorities, all departments have made detailed records. 1t is worth mentioning that the leaders of the participating companies actively put forward highly targeted and constructive opinions and suggestions on further revising and improving the labor insurance management system from the overall situation of the enterprise, safety production, energy conservation and consumption reduction, etc. according to their respective responsibilities. After the meeting, the participants agreed that the forum had a strong democratic atmosphere, was closely linked with practice, had a good discussion effect, and built a bridge between the cadres and the masses. 1t was a high-quality democratic forum

at the end of the meeting, Deng JuFa, general manager of the company, stressed that all departments should follow the principle of “seeking truth from facts and putting people first” when distributing labor protection appliances, first consider the work needs of employees, and do not engage in disguised welfare. 1t is necessary to further improve the labor insurance management mechanism, refine the labor insurance standards, improve the labor insurance allocation, ensure that the labor insurance supplies of grass-roots employees are in place, and eliminate the phenomenon of “less, more and missing”. The trade union of each department should go deep into the staff, strengthen communication, fully understand the needs of the staff, truly reflect the wishes of the staff, and strive to solve their problems. The purchasing department shall purchase labor protection articles with complete specifications, good quality and moderate price according to different posts, different types of work and different working conditions, so as to make the labor protection articles for employees, better protect the safety and health of employees, and ensure the smooth progress of production and operation

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