The wind vane of global labor insurance industry recovery

more than 50000 trade visitors, 1541 exhibitors and thousands of products are displayed in a centralized way… At the biennial Dusseldorf labor insurance exhibition, the exhibition is unprecedented in scale, bringing warmth to the world economy deeply immersed in the financial crisis

Dusseldorf labor protection exhibition witnessed the economic recovery

“Dusseldorf labor protection exhibition has a world-class reputation in the safety labor protection industry, and its influence and scale in the industry are very prominent. This exhibition gathers labor protection shoes, tooling, protective gloves, reflective materials and other protective equipment Dusseldorf labor protection exhibition organizers said. Obviously, the 2009 Dusseldorf labor insurance exhibition has become an important platform for global labor insurance enterprises to regain hope and explore the market. According to the official statistics of the Expo, the exhibition area reached 80000 square meters, attracting 1541 companies from 62 countries and regions; Many internationally renowned leading flag brands have also arrived, such as 3M, Ansell, cat, Dickie, moldex, Kompas, timerland, north, elten, etc; During the four-day exhibition, there was a continuous flow of people, with about 55800 trade visitors, the highest number of visitors since the exhibition was founded

“affected by the financial crisis, the effects of many exhibitions in late 2008 and early 2009 were greatly reduced. But by the end of 2009, with the gradual warming of the international environment, the situation of the exhibition has also improved. This year’s Dusseldorf safety and labor protection exhibition is just the best proof of the warming of the financial environment. 1n addition to its dominant position in the industry, it is held every two years, so the four-day exhibition basically has a large flow of people, and some exhibitors even have no time to eat in the relatively busy time at noon. ” The person in charge of overseas exhibition company of China Exhibition said

“the influence of the exhibition radiates across Europe. Many exhibitors reflect that coming to the exhibition can basically meet all the new and old customers in Europe in the whole industry, which is very valuable to us.” The exhibition left a deep impression on the Chinese delegation. All these signs reflect the gradual recovery of the global economy< During the period of world economic turbulence, China's labor insurance industry, like many other industries, is facing a cold current, but the severe challenges make it urgent for Chinese enterprises to explore new overseas markets. According to the statistics of overseas exhibition company of China exhibition, the booths of Chinese exhibitors in 2009 Dusseldorf labor protection exhibition are scattered in five pavilions, namel45, 7, 9 and 10, with a total exhibition area of 2500 square meters, an increase of 80% compared with the previous exhibition, and the number of exhibitors is nearly 400. An official of the company said: "China exhibition overseas Co., Ltd. has organized 62 standard booths with more than 100 participants. 1t is the largest trading group in China." The huge exhibition lineup of Chinese enterprises makes many exhibitors of international brands turn their eyes one after another, and the scene is very spectacular" On the other hand, the on-site turnover of Chinese exhibitors is about US $2 million, and the intended turnover is US $30 million. " through this exhibition, we can find that with the emergence of signs of global economic recovery, export orders of some Chinese labor insurance enterprises tend to pick up. However, according to the analysis of relevant industry insiders, the lack of relevant product certification of European standards is one of the biggest obstacles for enterprises to enter the European market. On the exhibition site, all booths whose products have not passed CE certification need to clearly post the statement that “the products are not CE certified, only for product display, and are not sold in the EU” on the booth. At the same time, because of the above reasons, the exhibition effect of some enterprises has been affected to varying degrees with the development of globalization, the industry of labor protection products must integrate into the international market and participate in the market competition. 1f Chinese enterprises want to enter the European market, they must make the product standards close to the international advanced standards, integrate with the international standards, improve the product quality and after-sales service, so as to survive and develop in the competition. The expert said frankly: “the product standard is the basis for the production of labor protection products and the measure of the quality of labor protection products. Without advanced and more rigorous and scientific product standards, we can not produce high-quality labor protection products and effectively protect the safety and health of workers.”

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