the work clothes style of the 4th World 1nternet Conference was officially released

On the morning of November 27, the work clothes style of the 4th World 1nternet Conference was officially released. The same as last year, the main theme of clothing style is blue. Different from last year, this year’s blue is more intense. Zou Xin, the main designer, said that the color has become more thick and more harmonious with the main color of Wuzhen’s “Wuqing”

this year’s work clothes continue to adhere to the concept of “bridge”. Zou Xin believes that this is consistent with the concept of “interconnection” of the world 1nternet Conference. The reporter found that women’s clothing more red Wankou, also increased the logo of the world 1nternet Conference

the reporter learned from YAY1NG group, which is responsible for the design and production of the work clothes for the world 1nternet Conference, that since receiving the task in the first half of this year, it has actively set up a team to start the design, and so far it has been fully delivered

it is understood that after nearly 30 years and two generations of hard work, YAY1NG group is committed to building YAY1NG into a modern fashion group focusing on fashion. At present, the group has its own fashion brands EP YAY1NG, beiai double love and enpaia n. PA1A; Boutique retail collection store brands: Grace land, Daya home and little space. The group has set up high-quality stores in more than 210 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Macao, and has excellent online sales network