the worker didn’t tie the safety rope, but the pedal fell and died

Yesterday morning, an accident occurred at a construction site in Gelan Town, Changshou District. A worker accidentally fell down while working at height and died on the spot

it happened at 10 a.m. after the worker fell off the building, doctor 120 tried his best to give first aid, but failed to save the middle-aged man’s life in the end

according to the witness, the worker was working on the scaffold on the fourth floor of the construction site at that time, and the foot pedal was loose and fell off. Because the worker didn’t wear safety rope, he fell from high altitude

on the scaffold on the fourth floor, a section of pedal was obviously vacant, and the cement bucket used by workers was still left on site. A staff member at the construction site said that they had reminded the worker to pay attention to safety before the incident

at the first sight, the reporter found that there was no safety net outside the scaffold on the construction site, and the pedal on the scaffold was not fixed. The person in charge of the construction site said that the scaffold has just been built, and the safety measures will be improved in the next step. After the accident, the construction of the site has been stopped. At present, the local public security, safety supervision and other departments have launched an investigation into the cause of the accident

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