The worker’s safety rope suddenly broke off and fell downstairs

Just after the construction of the water reform project started, a construction worker was working on the fourth floor when the safety rope suddenly broke off and fell off the third floor. The construction party thinks that it is the intentional damage of the residents, while the residents think that it is the responsibility of the construction party. For this reason, the water reform was stopped. On March 31, several owners of Chaoyang apartment, Chaoyang Road, Fancheng District reported to our hotline: “the high-rise residents of the community have been having difficulty in using water. We are all looking forward to the early water reform. Unexpectedly, we hope the relevant departments can solve this problem.”

in the afternoon of that day, the reporter came to Chaoyang apartment. Knowing that there was a reporter to interview, several residents immediately gathered around” There is not a drop of water at home during this period. 1’m almost 70 years old, and 1 have to carry 10 barrels of water upstairs every day. 1 can’t stand it. ” Uncle Yu, who lives on the seventh floor, complained with two plastic buckets< According to a staff member surnamed Huang of shihuigang Property Service Co., Ltd., who is responsible for the property of the community, Chaoyang apartment has more than 200 households. Since July last year, the water pressure in the residential area has become smaller, and it is difficult for high-rise residents to use water. After the inspection by the staff of central water company, it was found that the underground pipeline was broken and leaking, which led to the low water pressure. Therefore, the residents paid the water reform fee to the central water company at the end of last year. At the beginning of March this year, the construction team entered the community and started construction" On March 30, the construction team in charge of the water reform suddenly withdrew, accusing residents of untiing a worker's safety rope and causing the worker to fall from the upstairs. " A staff member surnamed Huang said at 4 pm, the reporter called Zhang Haiyong, the person in charge of the water reform construction team. He told reporters: “yesterday, when we were working on the fourth floor of a building, the safety rope tied to a worker was suddenly untied, and he fell from the fourth floor to the third floor. The worker was so scared at that time that his muscles were also strained. The residents have to give us an explanation. ” Zhang Haiyong believes that a small number of residents in the community are extremely unworthy of the water reform, which leads to the threat to the personal safety of the construction personnel, so the construction is stopped” How can the safety of the construction team depend on the residents if the safety protection of the construction team is not well done? 1f there is such a case, please point out which household it is! ” For the construction team, Mr. Zhou, who is in charge of the owners committee of the community, is very angry later, the reporter called manager Wang, the construction director of Fancheng District of central water company. Manager Wang said they had reported the case to the police. Within two days, they will consult with the owners’ committee of Chaoyang apartment. 1f the residents can guarantee that they will not interfere with the construction, they will resume the construction as soon as possible this article is a reprint of 1nternet media, which only represents the author’s point of view and has nothing to do with this website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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