the world’s glove King regained its prestige, and the net profit of Top Glove Q2 increased by 31%

Top gloves announced its results for the second quarter ended February 28 this year, with net profit increasing by 31.2% year-on-year, from rm83.2 million last year to rm190.1 million

Top gloves said that the main contribution to the net profit growth in the second quarter came from the rising demand for rubber gloves in emerging countries and the falling price of raw materials

Top gloves is the largest manufacturer of rubber gloves in the world, with a pre tax profit of rm124.5 million, an annual growth of 21.2%

“world glove king” dansley Lin Weicai said that it is not easy to continue to maintain profitable growth in a challenging environment. Top class gloves can continue to deliver growth performance only by continuously improving quality, production efficiency and cost control

pointed out that raw materials were much cheaper compared with the second quarter of last year, and the price of latex emulsion dropped by 26.1% to nearly RM4.40 per kilogram. Br / >
the turnover of top gloves increased by 12.5% in the second quarter, from rm851.54 million last year to rm958.44 million, an increase o2.2% compared with the previous quarter, and the earnings per share improved from 6.63 cents to 8.68 cents

“the increase in turnover is mainly due to the increase in demand. The product mix of top gloves is in line with the market demand, so the orders have increased greatly.”

the share price of top gloves was at rm9.89 today

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