The worry of investment shrinking in Wenzhou shoemaking industry

footwear industry is one of the pillar industries of Wenzhou economy. 1n Wenzhou, the industry chain of shoe-making industry is relatively perfect. The supporting products involve all fields needed for manufacturing, such as shoe material, sole, shoe line, packaging, shoe machine and printing. The annual output value is about 70 billion yuan, accounting for 1% of the annual GDP To 1 1t is a very important industry in Wenzhou< However, in recent years, the raw material cost, export cost and local cost of Wenzhou's shoe-making industry have increased to a great extent, resulting in intensified competition in the industry and narrowed profit margin, so many shoe-making enterprises choose to withdraw or move out some data show that during the peak period of shoe industry development, there were more than 6000 shoe factories in Wenzhou, and now the number has dropped to more than 2000. According to the previous survey of 15521 small and medium-sized enterprises in 31 industrial towns and development zones conducted by Wenzhou Economic and Trade Commission, 8.1% of the total enterprises were shut down, semi shut down and closed down, one third of which were shoe enterprises. 1n other words, there are nearly 420 shoe enterprises shut down, semi shut down or closed down some of Wenzhou’s strong local shoe enterprises have chosen to go out to build factories. Aokang, Kangnai, Baili, Dongyi and other powerful shoe enterprises have built industrial parks and production bases in Sichuan, Chongqing, Anhui and even abroad “either transform and take the middle and high-end route; Or move to a lower cost area. ” Xie Rongfang, Secretary General of Wenzhou shoe leather industry association, once said Wang Zhentao, chairman of Aokang Group, believes that although the number of shoe-making enterprises in Wenzhou has dropped sharply, the scale of many individual enterprises has increased. The transfer of production lines from coastal areas to the central and western regions is also an inevitable phenomenon in the process of industrial development< However, statistics show that the investment scale of Wenzhou's footwear industry has decreased significantly in recent years. Statistics show that in the first three quarters of 2009, Wenzhou shoe leather industry completed a total investment of 625 million yuan, down 45.8% over the same period of last year. The industry's investment intention did not rise with the recovery of production, but showed a different trend of "one rise and one fall". The industry's investment only accounted for 1.4% of the city's fixed asset investment above the quota, which was much lower than the proportion of output value

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