there are many new things in the global new material industry competition of luminous clothes and rehabilitation gloves

on September 25, the finals of the 4th global new material industry competition in Ningbo, China, jointly sponsored by the Organization Department of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee (talent Office of the CPC Ningbo Municipal Committee) and the Management Committee of Ningbo national high tech Zone (new material science and Technology City) came to an end

as one of the important activities of the talent science and technology week in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China in 2017, this competition attracted more than 200 projects to participate in. After the evaluation of the main judge and the creative jury of the competition, “LCP resin project with an annual output of 1000 tons” and “ECOR Yige green material technology global revolution project” won the special prize of the fourth global new material industry competition in Ningbo, China

“software robot stroke rehabilitation gloves”, “self healing gel biomedical materials industrialization” and “1taly luminous fabric DREAMS OF L1GHT” won the first prize in the competition. The other five projects won the prize

at the match site, many projects with big brain holes may change our lives in the future

at the scene, a woman was wearing a white wedding dress, but a closer look showed that the wedding dress was very different, because it would shine, and it was very bright in the dark with the shape and pleats of the wedding dress. This is an optical fiber weaving project brought by dream lux SRL in 1taly

“these fabrics are made of many small optical fibers, which can be electrified and light-emitting, and are as soft as ordinary fabrics, and can even be put into the washing machine for cleaning.” Ye Hanwen, the project leader, said that at present, the project has carried out cooperation with many well-known 1talian clothing enterprises for clothing exhibitions and other links. 1n the future, these luminous fabrics can also be used in bedding, curtains and other fields

Wang Boran, who is engaged in the research and development of new soft materials, shows a glove. The magic of this soft robot stroke rehabilitation glove is that it can help patients recover their limbs. At the same time, the gloves can also be controlled by brain waves, so that patients in rehabilitation can control joint activities by themselves

“in addition to helping rehabilitation, it can also help the disabled. Through this glove, people with inconvenient hands and feet can also use their hands to hold things and use their fingers to control touch-screen mobile phones.” Wang said

it is understood that the new materials industry competition organized and organized by Zhejiang saichuang future venture capital management Co., Ltd. has been held for four consecutive years, covering more than 10 developed countries and cities in the world, such as Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Boston, Munich, 1srael, Britain, France, Singapore, etc., achieving the goal of “attracting talents by competition, capital assistance, in-depth incubation, and innovation” The efficient global talent introduction and incubation mode of “landing service” has gradually become an important channel of Ningbo’s international talent introduction strategy. 1n 2017, it was officially upgraded to the gold medal event of “3315 plan” in Ningbo, becoming the preferred platform for global new material entrepreneurs

the fourth global new material industry competition was launched in Ningbo in March this year. After six trials in East China, North China, Southwest China, North America, Europe and Asia, more than 200 projects have entered the competition, and more than 50 professional investment appraisal institutions have participated in the competition. After six trials, 53 projects have finally entered the semi-finals of Ningbo

if the top five winning projects in the finals meet the requirements of the city’s “3315 plan” individual announcement, they can be directly selected into the city’s “3315 plan” talents (1 million yuan). The high tech Zone will give a maximum of 1:1 support, and can get a total of 2 million yuan of entrepreneurial funding; 1f the team project meets the requirements of the entrepreneurship and innovation team in the city’s “3315 plan” announcement in the current year, it can apply to directly enter the expert defense link of the entrepreneurship and innovation team of the city’s “3315 plan” in the next year, and the excellent project can obtain a policy award of up to 40 million yuan (including 20 million yuan for the city’s “3315 plan” and 20 million yuan for the high-tech zone)

6-10 award-winning projects in the finals settled in the high tech Zone (new material science and technology city) and were directly selected into the high-quality innovation and entrepreneurship projects in the high tech Zone. They won a maximum of 500000 policy awards and a maximum of 500 square meters of rent for three years

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