There are many problems in the face mask that is not suitable for use or warm and antibacterial

As the weather gets colder and colder, many people buy masks to protect themselves from the cold. This year, environmental pollution in major cities has sounded the alarm. The reporter learned from a local drugstore that medical masks are selling very well. On the 1nternet, many online shops engaged in mask sales are also very popular. Many young people like to wear some colorful personality cartoon masks to protect themselves from the cold

studies have confirmed that masks can effectively resist the spread of viruses and bacteria, especially in the prevention of disease infection. According to a random survey, more than 80% of the people will wear masks” We have a sense of wearing masks, which is worth affirming. ” 1n the interview, the doctor said, but the public encountered many “traps” from shopping, wearing to cleaning

a week ago, Ms. Wang, a citizen, bought a beautiful cartoon mask for 4 yuan online. But after wearing it for a few days, her face began to be red, swollen and itchy. After diagnosis, she suffered from allergic dermatitis, which may be the cause of the new beautiful “flower mask”. 1n the emergency room of the hospital, recently, many people are allergic to wearing “flower masks”. 1n addition to causing facial allergy, some people also cause asthma and other diseases

it is understood that most of the “flower masks” sold on the 1nternet, including roadside stalls and some small shops, are simply processed and discharged from small workshops. The packaging is also a layer of plastic paper, and most of the products have not even been disinfected. According to the requirements of the Ministry of health, the civilian and medical masks sold in pharmacies and hospitals are made o4, 6, 8 and 12 layers of gauze, with soft handle, uniform thickness and moderate tightness of suture. 1f it is a disposable mask, it is also required to indicate the health standard number, production date and expiration date, or production batch number and limited use date on the product package. 1n order to save cost, these gauze masks often have only one or two layers of gauze, and some even use only chemical fiber materials

the doctor said that the chemical fiber fabrics and other flower masks have poor air permeability and chemical irritating smell, which are easy to cause damage to the respiratory tract, while the qualified masks are made of gauze and non-woven fabrics. The professionalism of fashion mask manufacturers is not as high as that of medical mask manufacturers, and their ability to intercept germs is the worst. 1t is recommended that you refer to the “protection index ranking list”: N95 and other masks with high safety factor for medical use Disposable medical mask White Cotton Mask Fashion mask with pattern

in addition, there are two misunderstandings that are easy to ignore:

don’t wear them when they should. 1t is reported that people should wear masks during the high incidence season of influenza, haze days, dust days, illness and going to the hospital. 1n winter, it’s better for the old friends with low immunity and the weak and sick to wear masks when they go out, but it’s easier for the healthy young people to wear masks to reduce their resistance

put it on everywhere. Few people will put the mask in a clean bag after using it, and then put it into the bag or pocket, which can achieve less cleaning every day. The doctor said that it’s unscientific to put it in disorder and not clean it in time. After wearing the mask for 4-6 hours, a lot of bacteria will accumulate. After wearing, the mask should be folded first. When folding, the side close to the nose and mouth should be folded inside. Then the mask should be put into a clean bag, and finally put into a bag or pocket. The mask should be washed every day, put in the sun, and put on the radiator will also breed bacteria

recently, the weather is a bit cloudy. The doctor once again reminds us that in order to really play the role of dust prevention and disease prevention, the medical absorbent cotton mask is more reliable

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