there are no warning signs at risk points for workers not wearing safety helmets. The hidden danger of Xianning No.1 glass company is worrying

1n the production workshop, the workers did not wear safety helmets and anti noise earplugs; There is a safety production responsibility, but no safety production responsibility system; No warning signs have been set up at the risk points of production safety… Recently, the 16th supervision group of the office of the State Council’s safety committee found many hidden dangers in the company when inspecting the company

located in Xianning high tech Zone, the company is a subsidiary of China Southern Glass Group Co., Ltd. in Hubei Province, with an annual output of 500000 tons

when you enter the production workshop of the company, a huge glass furnace runs through the whole workshop, and there are all kinds of pipes beside the furnace. 1t can be seen from the observation hole that the fire is booming and the temperature in the furnace reaches more than 1000 ℃. The machines in the workshop are noisy, and they can’t hear each other clearly. There are workers walking around in the workshop, some are repairing under the pipe, some are carrying debris. None of the employees wore earplugs or helmets. Although the person in charge of the company who accompanied the inspection of the steering group wore a safety helmet, he did not wear a safety belt properly” Don’t workers in the workshop need to wear safety helmets? ” Members of the steering group asked” The company didn’t ask for such a thing. For one thing, it’s so hot that it’s inconvenient to wear; Besides, glass factories all over the world do not have this requirement. ” The company staff answered” Look at these workers working under this dense pipeline. What if they bump into it? 1t’s better to be warm than to be killed or injured? ” Members of the steering group said seriously

during the inspection, the supervision group also found that all the risk points in the workshop, including high temperature observation holes, were not set up warning signs

in addition, the company only has the letter of responsibility for work safety, and has not established the system of responsibility for work safety, and the letter of responsibility for work safety can not replace the system of responsibility. What surprised the steering group even more was that in the company’s work safety responsibility statement, the general manager and the safety officer should have the same work safety responsibility

the steering group pointed out that the reason why the company made these “low-level” mistakes in safety production management was related to the company’s lack of a complete safety management system, and required it to make prompt rectification

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