There are such “hidden rules” in purchasing safety helmets

With the arrival of summer, all construction sites in Harbin are stepping up the golden period of construction to promote engineering construction. But the reporter found that many construction workers, especially migrant workers on the head of the helmet quality is not up to standard, some hard hats thin enough to fall on the broken. Through visiting the sales market and the construction site, the reporter learned that these safety helmets with low price and low quality have a large market

why don’t you sell cheap helmets

the reporter came to a hardware city next to the original site of Harbin Beihuan mall. On the first floor of the hardware city, the reporter found three shops selling labor protection products. No matter which shop the reporter went into and asked whether to sell safety helmets, the salesperson would ask the reporter, “what price do you want?” And said, from 4 yuan to 30 yuan, any price

during the visit, the reporter found that the price of safety helmets with four trademarks of Jiyun, honor, Weiwu and Hengjian is about 6 yuan, and these four kinds of safety helmets have an obvious feature: they are light in hand. 1n contrast, those who sell more than 30 yuan helmets are heavy in their hands” More than 6 pieces are made of plastic, and more than 30 pieces are made of fiberglass. Can the weight be the same? ” A shop assistant said to reporters

the reporter pretended to buy 30 safety helmets of 6 yuan each, and the salesmen of the three stores all replied, “a bag of 50, no parts.”” Why don’t you tear it down? ” For the reporter’s question, the three shop assistants did not answer

the reporter found another labor protection products store in a bungalow outside the hardware city. When she walked into the store, the landlady was packing a box of safety helmets. After a glance, the reporter found that it was the 6 yuan safety helmets in the hardware city that were packed. When 1 heard that the reporter wanted to buy a safety helmet, the landlady asked enthusiastically, “is it for the workers or for the leaders? 1’ll wear 30 yuan for leaders. 1f 1 wear it for workers, 1 still have 4 yuan here. “

when 1 heard that the reporter wanted to buy 30 tops, the landlady gave the same answer as the shop assistant in the hardware city: “we have 50 pieces in a bag, and usually we don’t take them apart. However, if you buy this one for six yuan, 1 can open one for you.”” Why don’t you tear it down? ” After listening to the reporter’s question, the enthusiastic landlady replied without hesitation: “the quality of this kind of cheap goods is too low, and the profit is low. 1t’s broken down, and no one will buy the single one left.”

three no products have the “La” logo

there are more than ten labor protection products stores on beisidao street, Daowai District, Harbin city. The reporter walked into one of them and found that the price of safety helmets here also ranges from 6 yuan to 30 yuan, but an interesting phenomenon is that some of them have no manufacturer, no production date, no production date The “three noes” helmet without quality certificate is pasted with obvious “La (safety sign of special labor protection articles)”

Article 10 of China’s regulations on the supervision and administration of labor protection articles stipulates that special labor protection articles produced by enterprises producing labor protection articles must obtain safety marks of special labor protection articles

however, a more bizarre phenomenon is that the “La” logo on several helmets with different colors and brands has the same number. The reporter learned that the number at the bottom of the “La” logo is divided into three parts. The two digits in the first part represent the year when the logo was authorized, the two digits in the second part represent the division code of the provincial administrative region of the manufacturer who was authorized to use the logo, and the first three digits in the third part represent the name code of the product, The last three digits represent the order in which the use of the logo is authorized

How can Sanwu products obtain the “La” logo? Why do different brands have the same “La” number? The origins of these helmets are hard to be assured

“safety helmet is just a show”

are there any requirements for workers to wear safety helmet during construction

“of course, but if it’s really implemented, the safety helmet is just a show.” A staff member of a construction site told reporters that the construction sites he worked on basically do this: buy the cheapest safety helmet for workers, but the “small team” on the construction site – Project Manager, foreman, technician, etc. all need to buy the most expensive safety helmet

“the quality of safety helmet is so poor, can it pass the inspection?”< After listening to the reporter's question, the staff member said with a smile, "it depends on the ability of the person in charge of the construction site." “don’t the workers have any comments?” Asked the reporter “what they ask for most is that their wages are paid in full and on time. 1 haven’t heard of their requirements for safety helmets.” at noon, the reporter met master Zhao, a steel worker on a construction site, near a construction site on Nanzhi road in Harbin. The reporter saw that the safety helmet in master Zhao’s hand was the safety helmet worth 6 yuan that the reporter had seen before Master Zhao told reporters that the boss bought the safety helmet. When the reporter said that “this kind of safety helmet may not guarantee safety”, master Zhao said with a smile: “it’s OK, just pay more attention to yourself.” our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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