there are various mask standards, and the new national standard masks are expected to be launched in autumn

grade a

corresponding to serious pollution

when PM2.5 concentration ≤ 500 μ When the concentration of PM2.5 is less than 350 g / m3,

grade B

should be used μ 1n case of air pollution, it is the choice of many citizens to wear masks for protection. However, there are many kinds of masks with protective functions on the market. What kind of masks are the most effective? Beijing Morning Post reporter investigation found that different protective mask products implement a wide range of standards. Although the new national standard for daily protective masks has been implemented for three months, it is difficult to find products that implement the new national standard because it is not a compulsory standard. 1n this regard, some mask manufacturers said that they have planned to produce protective masks that implement the new national standard and are expected to be on the market this autumn< From November 1, 2016, China's first national standard GB / T 32610-2016 "technical specification for daily protective masks" was officially implemented. Now it is more than three months since the implementation of the new national standard. A reporter from Beijing Morning Post recently visited a number of supermarkets and pharmacies and found that there are various implementation standards for the outer packaging of masks on the market, but they are rare to implement the new national standard the reporter noticed that there are more than ten kinds of mask brands in pharmacies, health care products stores and supermarkets, and some brands also have different types of anti haze masks. Almost half of the Executive Standards of masks are GB 2626-2006, which is the mandatory national standard “respiratory protective equipment self-priming filter anti particulate respirator”, such as to-plan, baoweikang, 3M and other brands. The other half implements different enterprise standards, such as pro net, Youzhi and other brands. At the same time, some enterprise standards also have different types according to different fabrics. For example, green shield has two standards for non-woven masks and pure cotton masks in addition, the outer package of a green shield mask indicates that the product refers to the new national standard GB / T 32610 and can reach the national standard a, but the executive standard is still its enterprise standard. 1n addition, some masks are in accordance with the foreign standards, but they meet the requirements of GB 2626. All in all, there are as many as seven kinds of masks that the reporter has seen the price of different brands of masks is about 20-40 yuan per bag, with 1-3 masks, and the price of a single mask ranges from more than 10 yuan to more than 30 yuan. From the material point of view, there are two common types of pure cotton mask and non-woven mask. There are two styles: headwear and ear, and some masks also have breathing valves “1 don’t quite understand these standards either. First, 1 choose anti haze masks based on the brand and buy famous brands. And then we look at the filtration efficiency, which is marked as 95%, “a customer told reporters. Some shop assistants also said that they had never heard of the new national standard masks the reporter learned that before the introduction of the new national standard for civil protective masks, China’s standards for masks included “respiratory protective equipment, self-priming filtering anti particulate respirator”, “technical requirements for medical protective masks”, “medical surgical masks”, etc., but they all belonged to labor protection and medical protection standards. The masks produced in accordance with the labor and industrial protection standards on the market have no problem in dealing with the haze PM2.5, but they are regarded as “the ox knife for killing chickens”. Some people in the industry believe that occupational protective masks are not suitable for pregnant women, the elderly and other special groups Disclaimer: This article is reprinted by the editor for the purpose of transmitting more information. 1f you think our reprint violates the copyright law or damages your interests, please contact us in time and we will deal with it as soon as possible. Tel: 0516-853021

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