There is no guardrail in the lifting hole, and it falls to death accidentally

A factory replaced the belt to open the lifting hole, and only used nylon rope to set up a simple fence which could not play any protective role. A person who cleaned up coal fell from the lifting hole and died

[brief process]

in order to replace the coal conveying belt, the maintenance personnel of a factory opened the lifting hole between the mounds (with an elevation of 25m), and only used a nylon rope as a simple fence. On the morning of January 17, the person in charge of the work led Yue and others to reach the hanging mound room to dredge the coal chute. Although it was found that the lifting hole was not fenced and protective measures were not taken, the operation began. A worker smashed the coal barrel with a sledgehammer. 1n order to avoid the sledgehammer retreating, Yue fell from the lifting hole to the ground (with a drop of 25m), and died

[causes and exposure problems]

1. The maintenance personnel opened the lifting hole and did not set up a safe and reliable rigid temporary fence

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