There is no protective net for the demolition of Renji villa in Beijing

“Or add a protective net bar. What should 1 do if something falls off upstairs?” The illegal building on the top of building B of Renji villa was once known as the best illegal building in Beijing. After half a year, the garbage transportation work after the illegal building was demolished has not been completed, but the protective measures have not been taken. 1t’s windy these two days, and the residents of this building have such worries

this morning, standing on the overpass near Renji villa, the reporter saw the progress of illegal demolition at a glance: the rockery and trees on the roof have disappeared, and the shape of the roof is similar to other buildings. However, if you look closer, you can see that there are a lot of construction waste piled up upstairs, and even the edge of the roof can still see the ruins. This also makes the residents downstairs very worried: “1 can understand the bad luck of the waste, but you’ve got to stop it!” Several residents said that they were worried about the strong wind in Beijing in spring, and that if the waste materials on the roof fall off, it may be dangerous

this morning, when the residents of building B of Renji villa came in and out of the building, some people would deliberately speed up their pace and look up from time to time. Ms. Zhang said that about before the Chinese new year, the safety passage downstairs was removed, and the protective net on the top of the building could not be seen. Because there was no construction on the top of the building during the Chinese new year, we didn’t care, but the protective measures were not restored after the Chinese New Year” Who should they go to for the protective net, property management or urban management? “

yesterday afternoon, several workers were moving waste downstairs, and the reporter also had a brief chat with them. The workers didn’t give a positive answer to the question of whether the protective net would be installed again. They just said that they should pay attention to the construction and try not to pile things outside, so there should be no falling objects. How much rubbish has not been transported upstairs now, and the people working on the site are not easy to calculate. A worker said that there are a lot of waste materials upstairs. Small pieces are bagged every day and transported down at any time. Large pieces are cleaned up at 10 pm every day” 1 don’t know when these things will come down in pieces. “

the property staff said that the property does not intervene in the construction progress, so the construction should not disturb the residents as much as possible” Sometimes 1 see a few aunts standing outside the building to chat, and 1 remind them to come in and chat, for fear that something will fall from the roof. “

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