There’s a QR code on the helmet, too? The two-dimensional code amplification move against the sky((picture)

in the 5 division of BT project of Yiwu Shugang expressway, every worker has a striking two-dimensional code on his safety helmet. As long as the on-site management personnel click wechat to scan, the worker’s name, age, type of work, three-level education, safety education, health status and other information can be seen at a glance

according to the person in charge of the project, most of the construction site personnel flow frequently, and it is difficult for the general management personnel to accurately understand the real-time information of each worker. The two-dimensional code of safety helmet is equivalent to a mobile “1D card”. Through the background input, it is convenient to integrate various information of workers, realize the dynamic management of personnel information, and strengthen the daily management and control of the construction site, Ensure the safety of operation” 1n the past, when we went to the scene for inspection, we had to know whether to carry out safety education and so on, mostly through on-site inquiry, especially the health status of workers. We didn’t know all at once, but now we just move our fingers. “

it is reported that the project department has also combined QR code with team standardization construction and grid management system of construction site to maximize the function of this new technology. Through the implementation of two-dimensional code daily management, a more specific and comprehensive personal data for each construction personnel is established, which not only prevents unqualified construction personnel from entering the construction site, but also enhances the safety awareness of construction personnel, and realizes the accurate control of on-site construction personnel

to enable “safety helmet QR code”, for workers, it is equivalent to adding a close lock to safety; For team leaders, it is equivalent to having a “universal record book” for daily management; For managers, it is also a pair of “good helpers” who carry out one post and two responsibilities

it is reported that in the project department, not only workers have “safety helmet QR code”, but also managers and team leaders. However, the functions are slightly different. The former relies on information collection, while the latter focuses on management convenience

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