they wear masks and fly to the garbage incineration power plant to find fault

What is a waste to energy power plant like” Stinking? 1s the discharged gas highly toxic? 1f you look at this story, you can understand: a group of villagers who want to build a factory near the village, wearing masks, come to the garbage incineration power plant to “find fault”. As a result, they visit and pick up (masks) all the way. When they come, they “look serious”. When they go, they talk and laugh, and they praise the beauty of the factory. Needless to say anything, picture and text

visitors take off their masks one by one…

this factory uses facts to let doubters understand that the waste incineration power plant is “built”

First: Xinhua Daily Telegraph on June 29

Author: Xinhua Daily Telegraph reporter Xie Ruijia and Xie Jiao

“Wow, another one!” After lunch and no rest, the comrades from the general management department of Chengdu Xiangfu waste incineration power plant are going to fight again to receive another group of visitors

garbage sorting is one of the six people’s livelihood projects deployed by the general secretary Xi Jinping at the fourteenth meeting of the central financial and economic leading group at the end of last year. Br / >
“in the first quarter of this year, 86 batches and 2337 person times were received, almost catching up with the previous year.” With the increasing attention paid to the harmless treatment of garbage, Zhang Yan, director of the comprehensive management department, suddenly felt that she was much busier than before. “Sometimes she came to visit several groups in a day. You see, the back is full. ” She turned out the visit schedule with her mobile phone and showed it to reporters

when the bus enters the gate, you can see that the people on the bus are wearing masks

as a relatively advanced garden type waste incineration power plant in China, Xiangfu power plant is also a science popularization base, and many people are attracted to it< However, Zhang Yan knows that the visitors in the afternoon are special, and many of them come here to find fault. They want to prove with their own eyes that waste incineration is "messy" and "Stinky", and that waste incineration power plants can not be built as soon as the villagers got off the bus, they put on their masks wear a mask one o’clock in the afternoon, sunny weather, a bus slowly drove into the gate of the power plant. Through the window, several “masks” in the front row of seats are very conspicuous the bus stops in front of the beautiful main building painted in blue and green, and a group of people come down one after another with serious expressions girls, boys, aunts, uncles, uncles… More than 30 people got on and off the bus, about a third of them “armed” with masks. Some of them hesitated to put them on after they got off the car and looked around. 1n fact, the plant area is green and green, and all kinds of flowers are in full bloom, and there is no peculiar smell “it’s all like this. When 1 first came here, 1 was prejudiced and afraid of being smoked. After a while, it’s all picked up Zhang Yan, who has rich experience in reception, has a good plan villagers who get off the train and wear masks all the visitors are villagers of Zhangbu village, Zhangbu Town, Gaoling District, Xi’an city. A waste incineration power plant is going to be built near their village due to the well-known “N1MBY effect”, this waste incineration project triggered “gathering activities” after its announcement in September last year. 1n October, Gaoling district Party committee and government issued a “notice” announcing that “the masses do not agree to start the project, and the project will not start if the legal procedures are not complete” according to local media, Xi’an “got up early and caught up late” to build a waste incineration power plant. Planning began in 1998, but nearly 20 years later, even the address is not determined, let alone the plant however, the contradiction of garbage siege has become more and more prominent, which can be said to be burning< At the beginning, several villagers were wearing masks to listen to the explanation at present, most of the waste incineration plants are distributed in developed countries and regions. As a “harmless, reduced and resource-based” waste treatment method, the industry believes that waste incineration power generation is the best choice but we must pass the “barrier” of the people the local government has decided to use “facts” to make the citizens feel “OK” – since the end of last year, they have organized batch after batch of people and government officials to visit waste incineration power plants in Chengdu, Hefei, Qinhuangdao and other places these villagers in Zhangbu village are just one of the more than 1000 people and more than 30 batches who visited Chengdu Xiangfu power plant an “interesting” phenomenon is that villagers come by plane, while government officials can only take the train today, He Yong, assistant to the general manager of the power plant, went out in person, put on his safety helmet and became a “tour guide” for the villagers. 1n Zhang Yan’s words, “assistant he has more than 10 years of experience in the operation of garbage power plants, and he is very patient and serious. 1t is most appropriate for him to explain to the villagers.” Assistant he explained to the villagers patiently and in detail take off the mask “the building we are in now is not only the office area, but also the production area. The garbage bin, incinerator and power plant are all in the same building. But you can feel that we have no taste here. ” He Yongxian led the villagers to the environmental protection exhibition hall on the first floor of the main building to view the model and watch the video, so as to intuitively understand the layout and workflow of the waste incineration power plant the technological process of Xiangfu waste incineration power plant the exhibition hall is clean, tidy and transparent. After listening to He Yong’s explanation, 1 probably feel that the exhibition hall is not “smelly”, and there is really no smell. A woman who just got off the car and put on a mask quietly took it off and hung it on her hand some villagers began to take off their masks “is the gas from this chimney poisonous?”” How to treat sewage 1n the eyes of the villagers who are still suspicious, He Yong continues to explain suddenly, there was a little commotion in the crowd” 1 feel dizzy An old man said. The receptionist was nervous, sniffed and asked each other, “is there any smell?”” Not at all. 1t has been running very well recently! ” Quickly asked the old man is how to return a responsibility, “an carsick…” the old man is a little embarrassed to say the crowd burst into laughter, and the receptionist was very relieved. He quickly arranged for someone to take him to the garden of the factory Xiangfu waste incineration power plant is a garden type plant No, these villagers were taken by director Wang of the town to catch a plane early in the morning. They took a plane for nearly two hours, then turned to a bus and ran all the way. This old man is 60 or 70 years old, and it’s normal to be tired and carsick a false alarm garden factory after watching the models and videos, He Yong began to show you around the factory “how far is the power plant from the residential area?”” Do you live around On the way to the fifth floor to visit the garbage control room, the villagers continued to use “Qinqiang” to throw out various questions to He Yong “look, there is a small garden on the left side of the gate and on the top of the building just now. This is our staff dormitory. We usually live here after work. 1f there is something wrong with the air, do we dare to live? ” The long glass corridor on the 5th floor is high, facing the front yard of the factory. You can have a panoramic view nearby. As he walked, he pointed to the following facilities to explain his doubts Xiangfu waste incineration power plant overlooks “the open space across the road is an industrial park, and a factory will be built in the future. 1t’s only five or six hundred meters to the West. 1t’s a lot of companies. There are villages and schools nearby. “ … “1 didn’t expect it was beautiful here.” Looking out of the window at the garden like factory, an aunt secretly took off her mask and stuffed it into her sun visor another mask is missing after watching the garden like factory, the villagers are taking off their masks listen to the explanation and move on” 1t’s so high” How big the claws are Walking into the garbage control room, the villagers were immediately attracted and took out their mobile phones to take photos and videos it’s quite like the translucent crane control room in the cockpit “hanging” above the huge garbage bin, which is nearly 30 meters away from the bottom of the garbage bin, and can store 20000 to 30000 tons of garbage grab about 10 tons the two operators are pushing the operating rod and “directing” the two giant steel claws across the glass, grabbing garbage like a amusement device “doll machine” and “feeding” the incinerator. The scene is like the space world in a science fiction film” This one can catch 10 tons of garbage. ” He Yong explained, “our factory can burn 1800 tons of garbage every day and eat about 14% of the garbage in Chengdu.” although the outdoor is full of garbage, the temperature in the crane control room is slightly higher, and there is no “odor” in the imagination the staff of Xiangfu waste incineration power plant are operating the grab “the garbage bin is strictly sealed, and there is negative pressure ventilation at the top, so the garbage odor can’t escape.” He Yong continues to “popularize science” for everyone “it’s really tasteless!” 1n the hanging control room, an uncle sniffed seriously and pulled off his mask “aboveboard”” Be realistic, there’s no need to wear it! “ large screen of central control room of Xiangfu waste incineration power plant after seeing the shocking garbage crane control room, please turn back to the central control room on the second floor” Here 24-hour monitoring, any small changes can not avoid the eyes of the staff He Yong pointed to a huge screen in the hall and said to the villagers. On the large screen, the monitoring images and various data of the incinerator, hopper, slag pit and other links of waste incineration power generation are displayed in real time at a glance, and the red flame of the incinerator can be clearly seen “one of the characteristics of our factory is that the working area and the factory area are in the same building. The production area is beyond this wall. ” He Yong said while leading everyone through a small door of the central control room, which said “burning room” the central control room passes through this small door, which is the incineration room in the production area “1 thought it would be very dirty if it was smoky. 1 think it’s cleaner than home. ” Seeing that the burning room was still very clean, some villagers were a little surprised. Through the glass, all kinds of equipment are displayed in front of us, and the thick pipes are wrapped tightly. Everyone took out their mobile phones to shoot again “the outlet temperature of our incinerator is generally about 1000 â„? far exceeding the requirement of 850 â„? and all toxic substances are basically burned. Dioxin emissions are fully in line with national standards and meet EU standards. ” He Yong said it is reported that a garbage incineration power plant with an annual capacity of 200000 tons in Copenhagen is built near the palace “what are those dark things?” Seeing that the black slag is falling into the tunnel from one exit to another, the villagers have new problems” This is the slag after incineration. ” He Yong said, “slag accounts for 20% of the total amount of garbage. 1t can be used as building materials and pave roads. 1t’s very popular. Look, the car at the other end of the tunnel is

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