Thinking about fire safety in two residential fires

Case 1:

a self built house fire broke out in Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province, with one death and two injuries

at 11:09 am on the 20th, a house fire broke out at No. 956 Hexi, Wenhua community, Fengming street, Tongxiang City, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. Six vehicles and 27 people from Chengnan fire squadron and Tongxiang fire squadron and one vehicle and 5 people from Fengming full-time fire brigade rushed to the scene and immediately launched search and rescue and fire fighting operations. Three people were rescued in the search and rescue operation and then sent to the hospital for rescue. The fire was completely extinguished at 12:10. One person died and two others were injured to varying degrees

case 2:

a fire broke out in a 100 year old house in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, causing one death and two injuries

at 3:05 a.m. on February 18, a fire broke out in a house at No. 40, Lane 10, bingang Road, Shenjiamen. After nearly three hours of hard work, more than 50 officers and soldiers of Zhoushan fire successfully put out the fire. Rescue workers successively evacuated more than 70 people from the fire and adjacent buildings, snatched out more than 10 gas bottles, and successfully saved the front shops and the surrounding houses

it is understood that the building on fire is a two-story brick and wood structure house, with a construction area of about 200 square meters. All the houses were burned and the roof collapsed. The building was built in the period of the Republic of China and has a history of more than 100 years. The house is mainly used for rental, with 17 people from 7 families living together. The rental house is mainly for temporary residents. One person died and two tenants were injured in the fire

ten points of fire prevention in autumn and winter

item 1: do not pull and connect wires without permission, use safe fuses, and do not use copper wires instead of fuses

item 2: keep a safe distance of at least 0.5m between incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps and combustibles; Do not use cloth, paper and other combustibles as lampshade; Wires near lamps with poor heat dissipation conditions shall be protected by heat-resistant insulating sheath

item 3: ensure that electrical appliances have sufficient heat dissipation conditions. Do not place curtains, clothes, books and other combustible materials around TV sets, air conditioners, computers, electric heaters, refrigerators, etc

item 4: don’t use electric heating rod, hair dryer, induction cooker and other electrical appliances when there is no one. Pay attention to people walking and cut off the power supply

item 5: check the electrical circuit frequently for damage, short circuit, poor contact and other faults, and timely repair the problems found

item 6: use liquefied gas, coal stoves and other stoves with open fire should have a separate place, keep good ventilation, and keep a distance of at least one meter from combustible materials

item 7: develop a good habit of using fire. Don’t throw cigarette butts and match stems at will

item 8: do not use high-power electrical appliances, and do not use several electrical appliances with power more than 1000 Watts at the same time, so as to avoid line overload and fire

1tem 9: in case of gas leakage, it is necessary to quickly close the gas source valve, open the doors and windows for ventilation, do not touch the electrical switch or use open fire, and promptly inform the professional maintenance department to deal with it

item 10: if a household appliance or line is on fire, first cut off the power supply, and then put out the fire with dry powder or gas fire extinguisher. Do not pour water directly to put out the fire, so as to prevent electric shock or electrical explosion

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