This is a story about pneumoconiosis

This is a matter about pneumoconiosis, which 1 saw when 1 looked up the data of pneumoconiosis

once upon a time, Xiao Zhou and Xiao He entered a machinery factory in a certain city at the same time, and both of them were assigned to work as apprentices in the sand turning workshop. Both of them are great guys in their 20s. They are all together when they go to and from work. 1n other people’s eyes, they are brothers. 1n the similar two people will have different places, what Xiaozhou does is always orderly, and like to pay attention to personal hygiene, work clothes are always neat, collar tied tightly, as soon as you enter the workshop, you will wear a dust mask, the weather is hot and stuffy in summer, and you always adhere to the requirements of the work throughout the year. Xiaohe, on the contrary, thinks he is young and physically strong. He is usually careless and doesn’t care. He always feels stuffy and flustered when wearing a mask! What are you afraid of? Why should you suffer from this foreign crime. Every year, the regular physical examination organized by the factory, he thought it was superfluous and always slipped away. With the passage of time, “Xiao He” has become “Da he”, often with dry cough, chest tightness, chest pain, shortness of breath, and more and more spitting, especially when working, these symptoms are aggravated. When other people catch a cold, he also catches a cold. His cough intensifies and he has yellow phlegm. Sometimes there is blood in the sputum. He loses weight and appetite. He is not so energetic and looks much older than “Da Zhou”. After physical examination and chest X-ray examination, Dahe was diagnosed as stage 1 silicosis by the doctor. Dahe was silly at this time. At the age of 35, he suffered from silicosis. But Dazhou is still full of spirit and happy in his post

the different health conditions of these two people fully indicate the necessity of wearing dust masks in dust contaminated places. The harm of dust to human body is related to its concentration and particle size. The higher the dust concentration is, the smaller the dust particles are, the more the amount of dust entering the alveoli is, the faster the pneumoconiosis is, and the more serious the disease is

with the development of society, occupational health is getting more and more attention, and pneumoconiosis is one of the concerns. Xiaobian also knows about pneumoconiosis through “Da Ai Qing Chen”, an organization about pneumoconiosis. Too many families are fragmented because of pneumoconiosis, so we have to pay attention to it. Xiaobian calls on everyone to care for health and dust people

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