this “maker” won the entrepreneurship competition by relying on the world’s highest level of protective insoles

On Februar5, the final of the third Huiju cup Guangdong intellectual property innovation and entrepreneurship competition was held in Guangzhou. After more than four months of competition, the top 10 international players, who have emerged from more than 2300 projects covering the field of artificial intelligence, new materials, new energy, A1 robot and other fields, have participated in the finals and conducted roadshows. Finally, ACF artificial cartilage insole project brought by Foshan maker became the champion of “three materials”. 1t not only won the championship, but also won the “most dazzling Technology Award” and “most valuable investment Award” selected by 30 representatives of well-known investment institutions

ten is the top technology innovation. The top technology is

, from the eco ceramic permeable brick that allows rain to come home, the interactive virtual object from the paper book +APP, to the ACF artificial cartilage foam that can absorb more than 90% of the impact energy. The third Huiju cup Nanyue intellectual property innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition finals showed the fantastic ideas of the innovation team everywhere. The top ten elites of the competition composed of seven domestic teams and three international teams competed on the same stage, and each project team held a number of innovative technologies and patented inventions. The contestants adopt the mode of “3-minute Video + 3-minute project roadshow + 2-minute judges’ comments” to show the advantages and highlights of the project in an all-round way

“our ACF artificial cartilage insoles can make athletes jump from the second floor safely. Last year, we also participated in the standard formulation of 2017 army combat boots, in which the insoles and materials were independently completed by us. 1n the past three years, we have experimented with 1000 pairs of army combat boots, which has improved the combat effectiveness of the army, extended the career of soldiers, and will not have various occupational diseases after discharge. At present, we have completed 400000 pairs of orders, and it is estimated that this year will not be less than 2 million pairs. Now we are participating in the development of air force parachute The roadshow of Wang Bowei, chairman and maker of Foshan Linzhi Polymer Materials Technology Co., Ltd., attracted the attention of all present. 1t is reported that after 12 years, Wang Bowei has finally successfully developed the world’s highest protective grade limit buffer material, ACF artificial cartilage foam, which is not only widely used in the field of military industry, but also has developed some cushioning insoles, protective pants, protective socks, sports kneecap and other products with some famous foreign sports brands. Br / >
at the scene, the judges also analyzed and commented on the project from the aspects of technological innovation, market prospect, business model construction, future strategic planning, capitalization possibility, etc

all the entries hold a number of invention patents

not only a pair of small insoles have top technology inventions, but Hanshou’s technology non electric monitoring cap has also won two international invention patents. The quadruped robot developed by Guangzhou footstep medical has been selected as the first of “2015 top ten science and technology record breakthroughs” by American Discovery News, with 21 invention patents

after the fierce competition of the players and the professional analysis of the jury, the champion and the runner up of the competition were finally released, and they won the rich bonus provided by huiju.com. ACF artificial cartilage insole project won the championship, and won the “most dazzling Technology Award” and “most valuable investment Award” selected by 30 representatives of well-known investment institutions. Waste energy-saving lamp intelligent manufacturing project and foot robot project respectively ranked second and third in the competition. The “best Popularity Award” winner, data engine and energy 1nternet of things project, was also announced on the scene< 1t is reported that the competition has attracted more than 1200 entrepreneurial projects and teams since it was first held in 2015; 1n the second competition in 2016, 2105 teams from all over the world participated, becoming the first innovation competition with intellectual property as the key element in Guangdong Province; 1n 2017, it was upgraded to an international competition. 1n addition to setting up seven sub competitions in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, it also set up special competitions in 10 industries such as artificial intelligence, energy conservation and environmental protection in China during the activity, Huiju has made strategic cooperation with 1DG capital and venture capital to accelerate the cooperation between projects and capital, market and technology, and jointly promote the construction of knowledge quotient ecosystem. Xie Xuhui, chairman and CEO of huiju.com, and Yang Fei, senior partner of 1DG capital, signed a strategic investment intention agreement to jointly build and deeply lay out an intellectual property and enterprise service platform, and integrate online and offline, domestic and foreign resources and services through cutting-edge technologies such as intellectual property big data and intellectual property artificial intelligence, so as to achieve the goal of “intellectual property (1P) × 1nternet platform × The “1nternet of knowledge” mode of “intelligent 1nternet of things” creates new value for knowledge quotient enterprises

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