Thoroughly studying and implementing the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important precepts and creating a new situation in emergency management at the new historical starting point

Huang Ming stressed in the Emergency Management Department Party group meeting and minister’s office meeting:

thoroughly studied and implemented the important precepts of general secretary Xi Jinping,

set up a new situation in the starting point of emergency management at the new historical starting point. 12 days on

11, the party secretary and Deputy Minister Huang Ming of the emergency management department chaired Party group meetings and ministerial office meetings. Convey and study and implement general secretary Xi Jinping’s important precepts, and deploy in-depth study and publicity work. 1t is emphasized that studying and implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi’s important precepts is the primary political task and top priority of the current national emergency management system. All emergency management cadres should follow the “four sentence policy” of loyalty to the party, strict discipline, going through fire and water, and wholeheartedly serving the people. They should face the difficulties with a high degree of political consciousness and mission responsibility, and work hard, We should firmly safeguard the safety of people’s lives and property and social stability, and create a new situation in the cause of emergency management at a new historical starting point

meeting stressed that general secretary Xi Jinping personally gave the national comprehensive fire rescue team a flag and gave instructions, which fully reflected the high attention and concern of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on emergency management work, which fully reflected the general secretary’s deep feelings for the people and strong historical experience. Emergency management departments at all levels should deeply understand the great significance of General Secretary Xi’s flag and speech, deeply understand the spiritual essence of General Secretary Xi’s important speech, firmly establish the fundamental guiding position of the speech in the construction of emergency management team, and comprehensively build an emergency management team that is loyal to the party, strict in discipline, going through fire and water, and dedicated to the people. We should take loyalty to the party as the first political requirement, always adhere to the party’s absolute leadership, enhance the “Four Consciousness”, firm the “four self-confidence”, firmly achieve the “two maintenance”, and always maintain the political nature of the Communists; We should take strict discipline as the fundamental path to build a good team, always adhere to the construction standards of disciplined forces, and build an iron team with iron discipline; Taking going through fire and water as the fundamental direction of fulfilling the mission, we should cultivate scientific, efficient, professional and accurate skills, and constantly improve our ability to solve complex problems; We should take serving the people wholeheartedly as our fundamental purpose, make every effort to protect the people’s livelihood, and fulfill the original mission of the Communists in serving the people. Emergency management departments at all levels should quickly set off a learning upsurge, formulate learning plans, create a strong learning atmosphere, and do a good job of implementation in combination with solving practical problems. The party groups and organs of the Ministry should take the lead in learning and promote the spirit of precepts to take root

pointed out that implementing the instructions issued by general secretary Xi Jinping is an important political responsibility. We should draw lessons from typical cases, draw inferences from one instance, and combine the actual situation of the emergency management department and emergency management system to effectively solve the problems existing in some places, such as poor implementation of actions, new officials ignoring Old Affairs, formalism and bureaucracy. 1t is necessary to strengthen the party’s political construction persistently, put the strict political discipline and rules of the party into specific people and things, and implement them from the height of stressing politics; We should strive for real practice and work hard to effectively solve the chronic diseases such as layers of looping, safety supervision floating on the surface, law enforcement and inspection focusing on leaving traces but neglecting achievements, and implement them with a good style; We should dare to take responsibility, adhere to the problem orientation, especially dare to act on the outstanding issues related to the safety of people’s lives and property, and grasp the implementation with practical actions; We should bear in mind that there is politics in business, strengthen the political leadership, supervision and inspection of business work, and focus on the implementation of the political responsibility of managing and administering the party in an all-round way. Comrades of the Party group of the Ministry should play an exemplary role of “key minority” and take the initiative to accept supervision< The meeting held that since the beginning of this year, the total number of production safety accidents, major accidents and major accidents in China have continued to decline, and the production safety situation has remained stable, but there are worries and changes in stability. Recently, major accidents and major accidents have increased significantly, and some accidents have occurred one after another and caused great social impact. We should always tighten our nerves, conscientiously implement the spirit of the important instructions and instructions of the central leading comrades, earnestly shoulder the political responsibility of promoting the continuous and stable improvement of the situation of production safety, pay close attention to the implementation of various responsibility measures, spare no effort to prevent rebound and reversal, and firmly hold the basic set of production safety. 1t is necessary to strengthen the safety supervision and law enforcement, and take practical measures against major hidden dangers and prominent violations to enhance the effect of law enforcement; 1n combination with the reform of "deregulation, management and service", the enterprise safety production commitment system should be fully implemented, the law enforcement methods should be innovated by means of information technology, the standardization level of law enforcement should be improved, and the simplification of law enforcement and "one size fits all" should be avoided. 1t is necessary to do a good job in the safety risk management and control of key industries, draw inferences from one instance, plug up loopholes, comprehensively check the mining depth of more than 1000 meters, hundreds of people working in a single shift, and high-risk coal mines with high gas, rock burst and serious water disasters, and make a list and source control; Supervise and urge relevant departments to strengthen the safety supervision of water transportation, road transportation, civil aviation, railway and subway, and carry out special rectification. We should do a good job in disaster prevention, reduction and relief, pay close attention to rain, snow, freezing, landslides and other disasters, strengthen monitoring and early warning, and do a good job in safety prevention in advance; We will strengthen fire prevention and control in winter, and check the implementation of the spirit of the national teleconference on forest and grassland fire prevention and control. Further improve the prevention and emergency mechanism, strengthen the construction of emergency rescue capabilities such as remote delivery and air force, and improve the emergency management capability and level as soon as possible the meeting stressed that we should understand and do a good job in reducing certificates for the convenience of the people from the height of practicing the people’s tenet and stressing politics, cancel all certification items that do not meet the needs of the situation and do not have laws and regulations, supervise and guide local emergency management departments at all levels to put them in place, and put an end to the phenomenon that “the higher authorities have cancelled and the grassroots still take care of them”. We should strengthen the supervision during and after the event. While strictly controlling the entry of safety related matters, we should improve the supervision mechanism, innovate the supervision methods, maintain the supervision strength, and improve the quality and efficiency of supervision. We should not lower the safety threshold and touch the safety red line because of the cancellation of the certificate the meeting also deliberated on the work plan for the Party group inspection of the emergency management department (2018-2022) and the work plan for the second round inspection of the Party group of the emergency management department in 2018< comrades from the Party group of the emergency management department attended the meeting, and leaders of various departments and bureaus, China Seismological Bureau, state coal Supervision Bureau, Fire Rescue Bureau and forest fire bureau attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates

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