Thoughts on tearing the scalp of safety helmet

“1 fell off a one meter high stool and was torn by the helmet on my head.” How many labor insurance workers are reflecting on the accident of safety helmet on April 26. Safety helmet, personal protective equipment, should be to protect workers, but why become the accident “killer”? The person in charge of the safety supervision section of the accident site explained that the safety helmet should have been bought by a worker in the hardware store outside

for the safety helmet involved in the accident, Xiaobian of China labor protection network visited some hardware stores in the market and some small shops of labor protection products on the street. 1t is understood that some of the safety helmets and other labor protection products in the store are eliminated by some large enterprises. They confidently say, “the safety helmets are very strong, not broken, and can be worn”. When it comes to the time limit of safety helmets, the boss said, “as long as they are not bad, those workers on the construction site also take them away, and a second-hand one is only about 10 yuan” 1n an understatement, Xiaobian fell into a deep meditation, “taking the form” and “about ten kinds of money”, but 1 don’t know that too many accidents are caused by the safety helmet, “female workers don’t wear safety helmet, their hair curls into the machine tool”, “safety helmet falls off, head injury dies”, “objects without safety helmet hit the head”…

How can safety helmet be neglected as head protection equipment? Safety helmets are distinguished by service life and quality. Every year, too many accidents are caused by weak human consciousness. China labor insurance net reminds workers that labor insurance products protect labor operations. They must raise their awareness and not take it lightly; The relevant administrative departments should strengthen the operation of the use of labor insurance products; The supervision departments of relevant engineering units should strengthen the training of workers, strengthen the management and supervision of labor insurance products

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