three advantages of vertical eyewash

This paper analyzes the advantages of three products of vertical eyewash, the advantages of three products of vertical eyewash:

1) anti-corrosion: Based on 304 stainless steel, adding a processing technology of “high temperature electrostatic powder spraying”, it is not easy to drop, and the anti-corrosion effect is good, it can deal with all kinds of strong acid and alkali environment, and the setting is still well protected

2) hand foot linkage: on the basis of the conventional eye washer, it can also be equipped with high-performance foot pedal. When there is danger in the operation of dangerous goods, it can quickly step down the pedal to wash the eyes, face, arm, neck… To win time for medical treatment


3) evacuation antifreeze: in order to deal with the freezing caused by the cold temperature, the evacuation antifreeze device can be added to ensure the good use of the device, so as to quickly clean in case of danger. Usage of eyewash device:

shower system: 56 outlet holes at the shower are evenly distributed, and the water is even in the shower process, which is more comprehensive to the body, and the shower effect is better. When using, gently pull down the hand lever for eyewash, and water out in 1 second. After cleaning, gently push up the hand lever to close the shower system

eye cleaning system: the built-in nozzle is built with double-layer PP filter (never rust), which can filter out the impurities in the water, and the water is cleaner. The principle of slow pressure is used to make the water flowing into foam, which is more mild. During the use, it will not cause two injuries to the eye and inner nerves of the eye due to excessive water flow. Compared with the traditional eye washer, the effect of eye washing is better and safer! When you need to use the eye washing function: manually push the handle clockwise, turn on the eye washing switch for flushing (if there is a hand foot linkage function, you can step down the pedal to get water). After use, manually pull back the handle switch anticlockwise to turn off the water source

how to choose the right vertical eyewash products

First: according to the toxic and harmful chemical substances at the work site,

when there are chlorides, fluorides, sulfuric acid or oxalic acid with a concentration of more than 50% at the use site, only stainless steel eye washer impregnated with ABS or specially treated high-performance stainless steel eye washer can be selected. Because the eyewash made of stainless steel 304 can resist the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt, oil and other substances under normal conditions, but it can not resist the corrosion of chloride, fluoride, sulfuric acid or oxalic acid with concentration more than 50%. 1n the working environment where the above substances exist, the eyewash made of stainless steel 304 has been used for less than six months, The eyewash will be damaged to a great extent

only foreign advanced eyewash manufacturers have solved the technical problem of using plastic impregnated ABS eyewash; Using stainless steel 304 material for special treatment, and using stainless steel 304 material for ABS spraying or stainless steel 304 material for spraying paint, and then baking paint method, is unable to resist corrosion. The concept of ABS dipping and ABS spraying is different. ABS is impregnated with ABS powder instead of ABS liquid. Features of ABS powder impregnation: strong adhesion of ABS powder, thickness of 250-300 microns, strong corrosion resistance. The characteristics of ABS liquid impregnation: the adhesion of ABS powder is very poor, the thickness is 250-300 μ m, and the corrosion resistance is very strong

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