Three highlights of COS + h2018: new technology, new demonstration and new concept

from October 15 to 17, 2018, the 9th China international work safety and Occupational Health Exhibition (COS + h2018) was held in Hangzhou 1nternational Expo Center

cos + h2018 is sponsored by the international exchange and cooperation center of the emergency management department. More than 500 domestic and foreign units displayed advanced and applicable technical equipment in the field of safety and emergency. The exhibition is divided into safety industry comprehensive museum, safety and emergency equipment special museum, personal protective equipment special museum and engineering construction safety equipment special museum

cos + h2018 focuses on the safety and emergency equipment applied in mining, hazardous chemicals, engineering construction, transportation, electric power and other industries, as well as the scientific and technological equipment applied in urban safety, industrial park safety, fire fighting, disaster rescue and other fields, which truly embodies the concept of “invigorating safety through science and technology” and “strengthening safety through science and technology”

it is worth noting that in the face of the safety production situation in the process of industrialization and urbanization, the exhibition promotes new technologies, demonstrates advanced equipment and discusses new ideas of safety emergency through physical display, dynamic demonstration and technical concept exchange. This is of great significance for the safety industry and emergency industry to grasp the trend of the times, innovate the development vision, and promote efficient cooperation

on cos + h2018, China Aerospace Science and engineering group, China Electronic Technology Group, Xinxing Jihua Group, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and other enterprises will comprehensively display the integrated information platform of monitoring, communication, liaison, command and dispatching applied in the field of safety and emergency, which is an important reference for China to build and improve the emergency management information system. CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC and other enterprises will focus on the core technologies in the field of Petrochemical Safety Production and emergency rescue, highlighting the integrated monitoring and early warning of chemical industry park, life cycle safety management technology of oil and gas pipeline, and technical equipment for offshore oil spill rescue. China Communications Construction Corporation will focus on large-scale mechanical equipment and advanced technology in the field of engineering construction, reflecting the unique advantages of Chinese enterprises in the field of bridge, subway, offshore wind power and other infrastructure safety production. C1T1C Heavy 1ndustry Kaicheng 1ntelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., Xianheng 1nternational Technology Co., Ltd. and other enterprises will highlight the application of rescue robots, UAVs and other automatic and unmanned equipment in the process of safety production and accident and disaster rescue, reflecting the safety concept of “mechanized replacement and automatic reduction”

it can be said that cos + h2018 is held at the right time when industrialization and urbanization have entered a critical stage. 1t will not only expand the new vision of safety industry and emergency industry through new technology, new demonstration and new concept, but also be expected to be a “gold lettered signboard” of safety industry and emergency industry

as a whole, cos + h2018 is an important stage connecting the past and the future in the safety industry, emergency industry and PPE industry. The important significance of this year’s cos + h2018 is to upgrade and optimize the safety production, labor protection and health with new vision, new technology, new state and new concept

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