Three implementation of labor protection inspection

“recently, have the heatstroke prevention articles and medicines been distributed in time in your team?” On July 25, the trade union of alloy branch of Gangcheng group carried out the labor protection inspection focusing on “implementing inspectors, implementing inspection contents and implementing rectification results”

in the implementation of inspection personnel, the company has arranged team leaders with strong professional skills to carry out inspection, so as to improve the professionalism and technicality of the inspection team. 1n the implementation of the inspection content, the trade union group leader, team safety officer, labor protection inspector and other relevant personnel were inspected for their performance of duties, and the distribution and wearing of labor protection articles, the legitimate rights and interests of female workers, and heatstroke prevention and cooling were inspected. 1n the implementation of the rectification results, focus on tracking the implementation of the rectification, to achieve the implementation of the rectification time, rectification personnel and rectification measures. At present, 4 staff representatives, 3 team leaders, 7 trade union group leaders and 2 equipment managers have been inspected, and 13 hidden dangers have been found, all of which have been rectified

Zeng Li, special correspondent of Wang Fenghua

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