Three kinds of anti radiation fabrics popular in the market

At present, there are three kinds of anti radiation fabrics popular in the market, one is stainless steel metal blended fabric; One is metallization (coating); The latest is silver fabric

first, the characteristics of metal fiber blended fabric

the metal fiber blended fabric is made of stainless steel fiber, cotton fiber and chemical fiber, and its radiation protection effect is determined by the content and quality of metal fiber in ordinary fabric The strength of toughness and purity have a great influence on the radiation protection effect of products< At present, the content of stainless steel fiber is between 20% and 25%. The detection range of 8khz-20ghz is about 30dB on average. Br / > it can meet the protection requirements for computers and general electrical appliances.

Second, the characteristics of metallized fabric, 1ts production process is a combination of multi-target magnetron sputtering coating technology and composite coating technology to produce soft shielding materials, and then as a sandwich to make anti electromagnetic radiation clothing series. The shielding effectiveness of the product is as high as 60dB in the detection range of 8khz-20ghz, and the defect is that it is airtight and can not directly contact the skin. (including harmful substances)

the third kind, Characteristics of silver fiber fabric

the product is made of imported silver fiber, which makes full use of its good conductivity. 1t is embedded with nylon filament and processed by special process. 1t is characterized by light weight, breathable, good washing resistance and shielding performance. 1t is widely used in many fields. The product has been tested by the national designated testing center, and the electromagnetic wave blocking rate can reach 99.999% in the range of 10mhz-30ghz, 1t can meet the EMC technical requirements of electronics, operation protection, maternity clothing, communication, military industry, aerospace, medical equipment and other industries, and is the most ideal radiation proof fabric in China

the anti radiation clothing made of silver fiber fabric is a kind of high-end product, which is the best anti radiation clothing at present. The product not only further improves the anti radiation effect, but also has good fabric feel, comfortable wearing and washing resistance. At the same time, because the fabric is rich in a large number of metal cations, it can play the role of sterilization and deodorization, and help the human skin microcirculation, Wearing this kind of clothing for a long time will not be any stimulation or injury

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