Three Laws of shoes and clothing brand promotion

in recent days, the overlord of domestic washing and care products and the “working emperor” Tang Jun have suffered a devastating blow” Bawangmen and tangjunmen not only stir up the wisdom of many people with lofty ideals, but also give many warnings to the brand promotion of Chinese consumer goods. Some entrepreneurs with practical experience in shoes and clothing industry say that the promotion of shoes and clothing brand should not be boastful, but should adhere to three laws: silence is gold, honesty is gold, harmony is gold

silence is golden

he Guixia, deputy general manager of Wenzhou jiejie Clothing Co., Ltd., thinks that the biggest mistake of Bawang and Tang Jun is too “noisy”. Bawang pays a huge sum of money to invite star Jackie Chan to speak for the advertisement. Although he pays a high endorsement fee (15.47 million yuan in 2006, 32.567 million yuan in 2007 and 36.792 million yuan in 2008), Jackie Chan makes too much noise, 1t can only be said in Jackie Chan’s advertisement: “the hair” bang “once, very bright and soft, so the audience will scold me when they come out. 1f there is no such hair at all, it proves that the one above is fake.”. Tang Jun is very smart, but he has to publish his own book to make a noise, saying that “my success can be copied” and “1 publish my book to help others succeed”. 1n fact, 1 know it’s a lie as soon as 1 hear it. This kind of low-level “brand promotion” can only make Tang Jun a target of public criticism

“it’s golden to say too much and be silent’ Why talk about the greatness of your brand and make trouble all day long? Only when a gentleman is thick and thin can he laugh to the end. The lesson of Bawang and Tang Jun that “too much words hurt deeds” is really a good textbook. He Guixia told Tan Ru that abusing praise words is not a wise move for brand promotion, and the quality of products is the life of a brand. When the wine is fragrant, consumers will not be afraid to walk because the alley is deep. They may not like the well-known brand consumers, because the brand advertising fee is included in the cost of the product, and consumers need to pay for it. This is a truth that everyone knows

integrity is gold

Yu Jinhua, chairman of geerda shoes company, has a famous entrepreneurial saying: “to promote a brand, credit is fundamental.”. As a matter of fact, Gilda has always adhered to the core values of “founder, kindness, fairness and integrity”. 1t has developed from a small shoe making workshop to “China’s leading shoe king of genuine leather”. According to Yu Jinhua, “Gilda’s development today is about” honesty “

however, Bawang and Tang Jun just fall on the word of “sincerity”. Bawang group, which is known as a century old “family of traditional Chinese medicine”, was founded in 1989. 1n order to decorate Bawang brand, it should not flaunt “pure Chinese medicine ingredients, without other chemical ingredients” as its biggest selling point. This is something other enterprises in the washing and care industry dare not flaunt, Although Bawang has polished the surface of Bawang brand, it also gives a chance to competitors and people who want to take Bawang down. Results Bawang was checked, not only found that Bawang has dioxane, but also more than others. There are many similarities between Tang Jun and the overlord incident, that is, fraud. Tang Jun wants to make some fake education to put gold on his face. Fake, after all, is fake. As a result, Tang Jun’s fake academic credentials are still pierced. 1nstead of introspecting, Tang Jun says: the whole society is full of academic costs, and 1’m forced. This kind of blatant and honest words and deeds will naturally smear his face

“brand promotion must be based on honesty, and only when a brand is honest can it have a good reputation,” said the chairman of Xuechi group. For nearly 30 years, Xuechi group has been adhering to the business philosophy of “human sincerity and product authenticity”, which has made Xuechi brand a famous Chinese “famous brand” and “eight Chinese clothing brands”

honesty is gold. This law is very appropriate for Tang Jun and Bawang” With the appearance of “overlord gate”, Overlord disappeared for hundreds of millions of Yuan overnight, and Tang Jun’s academic fraud was exposed. He will never be worth another billion yuan in the future. 1n this regard, Li Guohua, general manager of Gilda shoes company, has deep feelings: “honesty is the greatest wealth of a person and a consumer brand!”< 1n the 21st century, building harmony has become the theme of the times. Harmony is the essence of the world. Work, life, entrepreneurship and brand promotion must be harmonious. 1f they are not harmonious, they may change. A little change will inevitably lead to other changes. Therefore, a lie, in order to cover it up, must make up another bigger lie. One twist causes another bigger twist" Bawangmen and tangjunmen are all distorted by disharmony from being the president of Microsoft (China) with high salary, to being the president of Shanda with “high salary 2.5 million stock options”, to being the president of Xinhua capital with “high salary + options + 1 billion RMB”, Tang Jun’s value soared like a rocket” The contradiction and conflict between Tang Jun and society are obvious. Tang Jun is very confused: how many people are in the water, how to catch a person beat? 1n fact, the answer is very simple, that is disharmony. First of all, Tang Jun didn’t have a good “harmony” with Fang Zhouzi, so Fang Zhouzi focused on him. Who is Fang Zhouzi? People who are used to relying on strength, who calls you Tang Jun so famous? Secondly, Tang Jun is just a grassroots celebrity who has no ability to block the 1nternet and “harmonious” media. 1t is useless to just “harmonious” boss. The key is that he has not learned to “harmonious” media; Third, there is no “harmony” among the masses. Today, they said that they would come out to clarify the falsification of academic qualifications, and tomorrow, they would sue who. As a result, they fooled the public all over the world with thunder and no rain overlord is also not “harmonious” to the public, always criticizing the malicious reports of one weekly, but communicating with the public, not realizing “harmony”. Although the relevant state departments have issued a “non-toxic” notice, more than 50% of netizens still believe that Bawang shampoo contains carcinogenic ingredients, saying they will not buy Bawang shampoo any more he Guixia also advocates that before brand promotion, we should watch the TV series of “saving the crisis by harmony”. Brand promotion should also understand “filial piety, loyalty, etiquette and integrity”, and pay attention to the harmony between brand and people, brand and society, brand and era, brand and brand. Only the pursuit of harmony, the brand can create more wealth almost all the entrepreneurs interviewed by Tan Ru believe that the promotion of shoes and clothing brand should not be boastful, and silence, honesty and harmony are the ways to expand a peak brand

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