Three lines of defense to stop illegal and reckless actions

Safety is a big thing. Safety is bigger than the day. Recently, Quan coal company called on the whole mine to vigorously carry out safety activities and put an end to all kinds of illegal and reckless operations. Under the supervision of the Discipline 1nspection Commission under the leadership of the trade union and with the cooperation of other functional departments and district teams, the “three lines of defense” activities were carried out to ensure safety

firstly, the trade union actively organized and carried out various interesting and rational safety activities, striving to form a strong atmosphere of “everyone wants to be safe in everything”, “safety from top to bottom” and “safety in all aspects”; The second is to make use of the family members’ assistant managers to give safety speeches at the wellhead and issue safety brochures in the form of distributing safety insoles and mending work clothes before work and in the dormitory, so as to really play the role of the family members as the second line of defense; The third is to pay special attention to “one ventilation and three prevention”, increase the prevention measures of water, mine shock and gas, and prevent gas accidents from the source

“it’s better not to produce than to pay attention to safety”. This is what Wang jinshuan, general manager of the company, often talks about. He asked every employee to actively establish a good attitude to face the cold current of the coal market, and hoped that through the “three lines of defense”, every employee would be able to make unremitting efforts to ensure safety, and the alarm bell would ring in his ears

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