Three measures to build safety protection net in Chengguan Township

1n order to do a good job in the safety production of hazardous chemical enterprises, Chengguan Township relies on grid management, builds a safety net, and takes multiple measures to ensure the safety production situation of hazardous chemical industry is stable

the safety inspection should be organized carefully and carried out solidly. The township held a safety inspection meeting for hazardous chemical enterprises. The meeting required the grid leaders to investigate the hazardous chemical enterprises in their respective grids, urge and guide the enterprises to improve their understanding, and carry out comprehensive and detailed safety investigation from the aspects of process, equipment, personnel, management and environment

strengthen education and deepen on-site safety training. On the basis of daily safety education and training, the second and third level grid leaders urge the enterprises in the grid to focus on the physical and chemical properties of dangerous goods, key points of post safety operation, wearing of labor protection articles, handling of abnormal working conditions, emergency rescue and other aspects according to different posts and different types of work, so as to effectively improve the safety awareness and self-protection ability of employees

strengthen measures and strictly manage safety facilities. Supervise and urge enterprises to strictly implement various safety technical regulations and disciplines, improve safety warning signs on production site, improve safety protection facilities, and implement safety precautions

up to now, the township has issued 5 rectification notices, 16 potential safety hazards have been found, 9 have been rectified on site, and 7 have been rectified within a time limit

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