Three mining enterprises conceal workers’ pneumoconiosis for 8 years

The miner’s medical information of pneumoconiosis was concealed by the mining enterprise without authorization, which delayed the miner’s treatment and made the miner insist on working under the mine without knowing. As a result, the miner’s condition is getting worse. But now the mining enterprise has gone bankrupt, and the miner’s claim has become a big problem< On April 16, Master Wang of Zichuan, Zibo, reported to the lawyer group of our newspaper that the 48 year old once worked in several mining enterprises in Zichuan for underground excavation. 1n 2011, he came to the mining company where he works now. Since last year, Master Wang often had shortness of breath, chest pain and other symptoms. Later, he was found suffering from pneumoconiosis. Surprisingly, according to the archives of the occupational disease prevention and treatment hospital, Master Wang was diagnosed with pneumoconiosis as early as 2006, but he didn't know about it “1’ve never seen a medical report before.” Master Wang told reporters that he has worked as a miner in three mining enterprises in Zichuan. Although each enterprise will have a physical examination for the miner from time to time, he has never seen his own physical examination report, and the results of the physical examination are generally told orally by the relevant person in charge of the company. Now the biggest problem is that the two mining enterprises that Master Wang worked in before have gone bankrupt. He can’t contact the relevant person in charge, and his condition is getting worse. As a strong laborer in his family, he is basically unable to work now, so Master Wang found the enterprise where he is now. However, the company believes that Master Wang’s pneumoconiosis was diagnosed as early as 2006 and was not contracted at work recently, so the company refuses to make compensation. The original company has already gone bankrupt, and now the company refuses to pay compensation, which is hard to break the honest Master Wang “all the three enterprises that Master Wang worked for bear certain responsibilities.” Xiang Qijian, a lawyer of our lawyer group, said that the biggest difficulty in this case is that the first two enterprises that Master Wang worked for have gone bankrupt. The three mining enterprises that Master Wang worked for should be responsible for Master Wang’s pneumoconiosis, especially the second mining enterprise that Master Wang worked for. The enterprise conceals and does not report the physical examination results of Master Wang, and has obvious fault, which directly delays the treatment of Master Wang and leads to the aggravation of Master Wang’s condition, so the enterprise should bear the main responsibility. Although Master Wang didn’t find himself suffering from pneumoconiosis when he worked in the first mining enterprise, his nearly 10 years’ underground work experience in the first enterprise must be closely related to his pneumoconiosis, so the enterprise also bears certain responsibilities. The third enterprise failed to check Master Wang’s physical condition according to the regulations when hiring him, which led to master Wang still working in the enterprise with pneumoconiosis and aggravated Master Wang’s condition. Therefore, the third enterprise also bears the unshirkable responsibility at present, Mr. Xiang’s lawyer has taken over the case and is starting to protect Mr. Wang’s legitimate rights and interests through legal means here, lawyer Xiang reminds the majority of miners: the possibility of suffering from occupational diseases such as pneumoconiosis is very high, so miners should pay special attention to their physical examination results, conduct physical examination in time and ask for physical examination report. 1f the enterprise does not provide physical examination report, miners can go to the hospital providing physical examination service with 1D card for inquiry our website solemnly declares that this article is reprinted by network media, only representing the author’s point of view, and has nothing to do with our website. 1f the information column articles and comments violate your legal rights, please call to let us know and we will deal with them in time

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