three minutes to teach you how to make your own gas mask

with the development of science and technology, information is received very fast, and more and more accidents spread rapidly. 1t seems that the danger is everywhere, but it can be avoided by perfect protective measures. Take the sudden explosion as an example, what should we do? When an unknown object flies over, you should protect your head first; When there is an explosion outside the house, don’t look out of the window. 1nstead, lean over and hold your head behind the wall and squat down to avoid the shock wave…

make masks skillfully

use paper cups and scissors to first punch out a few small holes at the bottom of the cup, then put in toilet paper, then cut a hole at the opposite edge of the cup, then cut two holes in the cup, and finally use a rope, Through the mouth of the cup. A simple gas mask will be finished in three minutes

the poisonous gas should be evacuated quickly

in case of poisonous gas leakage, the gas mask must be worn quickly. According to the principle of proximity, the nearest exit should be evacuated first, and the evacuation should be carried out quickly and orderly with head down and body down. Now many public places, especially hospitals, hotels and other places have anti-virus masks

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