Three no dust masks fill the market

According to the “Shandong labor protection equipment standard”, masonry workers (bricklayer, plasterer, concrete worker, etc.) need to wear dust masks to work. Recently, a survey of dust masks sold in many labor insurance stores in Binzhou City found that there are a large number of “three no” products. Does this simple dust mask work? According to the survey results of several construction sites, few workers wear dust masks

Market Research

in a labor protection shop in the emerging market of Huanghe 4th Road and Bohai 5th Road, there are only two kinds of dust masks, one is two yuan, the other is eight yuan, and there are no safety signs and numbers of special labor protection articles

wearing status

at the construction site, several workers were sifting sand and mixture without wearing dust masks, while one worker was wearing a black article similar to a headscarf around his nose, which was a silk headscarf. According to the “Shandong Province labor protection equipment standard”: gauze masks should not be used as dust masks

in the construction site of Huanghe 2nd Road, a bricklayer was asked if he had a dust mask, and the worker said in surprise, “what? Mask? No 1n this construction site, the reporter did not find workers wearing dust masks operation

in the six construction sites visited, it is not found that the qualified dust masks are worn correctly, but it is found that many workers use wet towel or headscarf instead of masks when they feel too much dust

according to the regulations on the supervision and administration of labor protection articles, the production and business operation units that do not distribute or distribute special labor protection articles without safety signs according to relevant regulations or standards shall be investigated and dealt with according to law

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