Three people poisoned without respiratory protective equipment

One afternoon, three workers in a private chemical plant in Shanxi Province were poisoned because they didn’t wear gas masks while cleaning sulfur tanks. They were sent to the hospital one after another. However, two workers died of poisoning due to untimely treatment

one afternoon, three workers in the barium carbonate workshop of a private chemical plant in Shanxi Province cleaned the desulfurization tank. They talked and laughed. Without taking any protective measures, one worker cleaned the tank first and fainted when he went down. When the two workers saw it, they immediately went down to save people and fainted when they went down. At this time, the workshop director arrived, put on the gas mask and went down to rescue three poisoned workers. He immediately called 120 and sent them to the hospital for treatment at about 3:30 p.m

from this poisoning case, it is not difficult to see that the enterprise has serious occupational health and safety problems in several aspects; The main reason for the occupational poisoning was the weak protection consciousness of workers; The workers did not strictly abide by the occupational health and safety operation regulations, and the workers worked blindly. 1n addition, the safety supervision of managers is not in place

several workers were negligent, did not strictly abide by the operating procedures, operated against rules and regulations, and did not wear safety protection articles and gas masks as required, so they were directly responsible for the accident. The safety supervision of the workshop director is not enough and he is indirectly responsible for the accident

the employer should strengthen the safety management, and the employer should have the organization and personnel of occupational health management to be responsible for the occupational health work. Now many enterprises, especially private enterprises, only look at the immediate economic benefits, do not pay attention to workers’ health and related rights and interests. There is no organization responsible for occupational health in the management organization, so there is no corresponding occupational health and safety operation procedures

in this kind of chemical enterprise, there should be a relatively perfect emergency rescue system and plan. Emergency rescue plays a very important role in reducing economic losses and casualties after poisoning accident. 1n this poisoning accident, if the poisoning personnel can be treated at the first time, the two dead poisoning patients may survive, such as: placing the patients upwind, taking off all the clothes of the patients, preventing the continuous absorption of hydrogen sulfide; 1n order to improve the anoxic state of patients with acute poisoning

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