Three prevention and control safety net

At present, it is the golden season of production and construction. 1n order to eliminate potential safety accidents, Heilongjiang anruijia petrochemical company has woven three prevention and control networks of “on-site supervision, traffic management and hidden danger treatment” to escort the completion of annual production tasks

closely organize the prevention and control network of “on site supervision”. Based on the strict implementation of the safety officer’s feedback to the key device area and on-site pictures, the company arranged full-time safety supervisors to carry out safety spot check, and strictly inspected and supervised the alert layout, pipeline connection, labor protection wearing and equipment operation status. Strictly implement the vehicle commissioning before use, safety disclosure meeting before construction and emergency disposal measures, and effectively eliminate all kinds of construction risks. Strengthen the “visual” management, safety behavior observation and communication, enhance the safety awareness of post staff, promote the staff to form a good habit of strictly abiding by rules and regulations, eliminate habitual violations, and improve the management level of the company

closely organize “traffic management” prevention and control network. A comprehensive GPS monitoring and hazardous chemicals monitoring system has been established, 24-hour dynamic monitoring has been implemented, and “four regulations” management has been carried out for hazardous chemicals vehicles, i.e. prescribed driving route, prescribed driving speed, prescribed parking position and prescribed fuel consumption. The full-time personnel shall conduct on-the-spot investigation on the topography, climate characteristics and road conditions of the area, and formulate traffic risk reduction measures according to different road sections and road conditions, so as to eliminate road safety hazards. Carry out road inspection from time to time, seriously investigate and deal with the situation of drivers not wearing seat belts, drivers answering and calling mobile phones, etc., so as to ensure traffic safety

closely organize the prevention and control network of “hidden danger investigation”. According to the situation of production and plant reconstruction and expansion, and the fact that there are potential safety hazards on site, relevant personnel shall be organized to investigate the potential safety hazards in the plant area in time. When the construction unit is found to have illegal operation, the safety and environmental protection department shall take regional photos and record, and carefully formulate solutions, so as to avoid the loss of personnel and enterprise property. On this basis, carefully check and analyze whether there are potential safety hazards in electricity and gas of canteen and office building, and timely repair or replace the aging or damaged power lines, so as to eliminate potential safety hazards and strive for safe production.

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