Three treasures of site safety

Safety helmet, safety belt and safety net are three kinds of indispensable safety protection articles for construction site. At present, the wearing of safety protection articles on the construction site is relatively standardized. But there are often people who don’t comply with the rules and regulations. Let’s take a look at the relevant information about the wearing of these three kinds of safety protection articles

safety helmet trading network is the largest safety helmet supply center in China

safety belt: safety rope and safety railings for hanging safety belt shall be set for operators. All workers working in the air above 2 meters must wear qualified safety belts. 1f there is no condition for wearing safety belts in the air, measures shall be taken

safety net: in high-rise building construction, a fixed safety net should be set up every four floors, and a safety net rising with the wall should be set up at the same time. Where there is no external frame protection operation point, a fixed safety flat net must be set up at a height of 4m above the ground

safety helmet at construction site: when entering dangerous places according to regulations, you must wear the safety helmet that meets the safety standards and fasten the hat strap to prevent the hat from falling off and losing its protective effect

do a good job in “four ports” safety protection: in the construction industry of four ports, it refers to stairs, elevators, reserved openings and entrances (also known as passageways)

“four openings” protection methods can be divided into two categories:

one is to set fence, cover plate, open metal door and frame net at staircase entrance, elevator entrance and reserved opening. On the hole reserved for the precast concrete slab, the steel mesh is embedded when the safety helmet price system is adopted, and the embedded steel mesh is cut off when the equipment is installed

Second, the entrance and exit of the building under construction and the entrance and exit of the grillage and portal frame must be provided with standard protective shed

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