Tianjiang steel plate hit the site director’s safety helmet and broke on the spot

at a construction site near Nanfang shopping center, Kaixuan Road, Eastern District of Tainan City, an industrial safety accident happened at more than 9 a.m. this morning. A strange hand was hanging a steel sheet pile, but the joint of the steel sheet pile accidentally fell off and hit the head of the site director surnamed Liu, who was in charge of the scene. The safety helmet worn by the victim was also broken on the spot, The right forehead was seriously lacerated and fainted on the spot. At one time, there was no breathing and heartbeat. After that, the ambulance staff of fire brigade a rushed to Chengda hospital for emergency treatment, and the breathing and heartbeat were recovered in time. However, due to still life-threatening, they still need to be observed in the intensive care unit

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